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I can’t say enough about artist Nicola Scott, who has generated some gorgeous panels during her Secret Six run. But she outdid herself in issue #9 with a cameo appearance from a certain member of the Bat family.

Nightwings butt by Nicola Scott

This “Battle for the Cowl” tie-in brought the Sixers to Gotham City, where they encountered a seriously pissed off Dick Grayson, who was still in Nightwing mode. Tousled hair. Razor-sharp jawline. Perfectly sculpted rear view. Mercy.

I have a thing about Mr. Grayson (the adult version, pervs), so it bugs me when he isn’t drawn well. This panel may be the Gold Standard. We all know it’s just a matter of time before Bruce Wayne is rocking the cowl again, so assuming that Dick goes back to his old job, I repeat my earlier suggestion to give Scott exclusive drawing rights.

10 thoughts on “G3 Flashback: Bootylicious!

  1. Ever catch Greg Land’s run on Nightwing years ago? (I think it was Nightwing…it has been a while.) I seem to recall a rather nice full spread from when Black Canary walked into Bab’s bathroom, not knowing Dick was taking a shower… ^_^

    Loving the site and feel free to post more eye candy! Rarrr…..


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