The very first Girls Gone Geek guest essay comes courtesy of our pal Chocotaco, who is a great lunch companion and a formidable debater on geek-related topics. We’re as confused as anyone about the fate of Wonder Woman’s relationship with Tom Tresser/Nemesis, who basically broke up with her several issues ago. But is it really over? Who knows? It seemed like a rather abrupt end to their Amazonian (and controversial) courtship, but in this essay, Chocotaco explains why he thinks it was doomed from the giddy-up:

One of these things is not like the others.

There are certain qualities that I think need to be in place in order to have a healthy relationship. Enjoying each other’s company is pretty high up there, along with having similar moral values, common interests, and respect for each other. Physical attraction plays a minor part, too, but I think that without that foundation of things that actually matter, you’re basically asking for trouble, either now or at some point down the road.

So, why the hell was Wonder Woman dating Nemesis?!? Seriously, what did they see in each other?

Nemesis, I can get some of what’s going on in your head. Wonder Woman is probably the most beautiful woman in the DC Universe. That’s pretty cool, but beyond that, is there really anything that you have in common?

Wonder Woman was formed out of clay, given superhuman abilities by various Greek deities as birthday presents, and raised on an island of warrior women who specialize in kicking butt and being awesome on a daily basis. She’s a founding member of the Justice League of America and is probably the most fearsome warrior in existence (at least, in the DC Universe). She’s also one of the few members of an exclusive club named People Who Can Kill Superman in a Fight.

Let’s take a look at your personal history, bruh. You’ve been a member of the Suicide Squad and the Department of Metahuman Affairs and are, evidently, a master of disguise. I’m not sure of the entirety of your track record on secret missions and stuff, but from what I do know, your M.O. seems to be “guy who tends to be the sole survivor of missions that have failed spectacularly.”

What do you think the logical conclusion of this relationship would be? When Diana comes home from a long day of smashing in Titans’ faces or saving the solar system from a Controller-created biological weapon that treats the sun like a Taco Bell Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, what are you going to talk about? You aren’t equals at all. You’re not even within a quintillion light-years of “equal.” Doesn’t she deserve to be with someone who is an actual peer?

Now, dude, I’m not saying this out of jealousy or anything like that. I live on Earth Prime, so Wonder Woman is just a fictional character to me. Even if she weren’t, I would have even less in common with her than you do. Just sayin’, dog, I never saw this going anywhere. You were only wasting your time, and hers.

13 thoughts on “G3 Guest Essay: An Open Letter to Nemesis

  1. The concern for me regarding this whole Tom Tresser-Wonder Woman romance is that it seemed to stem from DC’s push to “humanize” Wonder Woman. Along with giving her a new “secret” identity, a job in the DMA, an apartment in DC (that’s District of Columbia), they decided she needed to date a C-level character, and that this would all serve to bring her down to a more relatable level. The reason I always hated this direction for Wonder Woman, along with other fans and some creators (notably Greg Rucka) is that the whole point of her character is that she is a warrior goddess, NOT HUMAN. DC (that’s the comics publisher) should be finding ways to celebrate what makes Wonder Woman special, unique, powerful, and awe-inspiring, not seeking to make her less than this. So, having her in a romantic relationship with someone so obviously less than her, in all aspects, seemed to devalue her. Is there any question as to why Wonder Woman is having Star Sapphire-induced fantasies about Bruce Wayne? Of course not. Tom Tresser?? Bruce craps bigger than him.


  2. This takes “settling” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? If she’s gonna go human, it’s gotta be someone like Batman. Once he comes returns from prehistoric times, that is.


  3. I’m curious…even though I agree their relationship makes no sense, does she really have to be with someone whom is also a super badass? I mean, I’m a pretty decent IT guy…I don’t feel that I can only have a relationship with someone who’s IT skills near or match my own. I have other interests…and it is possible that WW does too. Or better yet, if she clicked with someone, she might gain new interests. Heck, after a few days fighting spirits in Hades, WW may like to come how to a compassionate, gentle guy. Someone that helps her balance her peace and love aspect with her warrior self.

    Also, to Ramon above, Bruce Wayne is a bad boyfriend to pretty much ANYONE. If Diana has the hots for Bruce, it is along the same vein that women fall for dudes who are hot messes with the thought that her love can make him better…and it can’t.


  4. But SHE is Wonder Woman. If anybody could melt Bruce’s heart, it would be her. The ultimate playboy surely couldn’t resist a goddess. Besides, they’re both busy…you know saving the world and time-traveling. Perhaps they would have an understanding. I would thoroughly enjoy Rucka’s Wondy with Morrison’s Bruce.


  5. Sghoul, I totally get what you’re saying about people not having to have everything in common, and I agree, but there’s gotta be some kind of common ground beyond “Gee, you’re pretty.”

    Wonder Woman was raised in a warrior culture. I’ve got to believe that any prospective beau has to be pretty badass. :)


  6. @ Vanessa G: I don’t believe Bruce’s heart can be melted. I believe he is pretty much insane.

    @ Chacotaco: probably. But sometimes being too alike can be an issue. Whenever she meets other warriors, there ends up being a lot of butting of heads.

    Also, I totally think she would be open to a chick rather than a dude.


  7. The controversy over the idea of a romantic love affair between Bruce Wayne and Princess Diana seems to focus on their perceived incompatibility. Truthfully, they share far more with each other than Wonder Woman shares with Superman, who she is often paired with in certain creators fantasies (Frank Miller, Alex Ross, notably) Bruce may not be a God on Earth as Superman is, but he has trained his entire life to make himself as indestructible as a human man can get, whereas Clark has spent his life attempting to be as human as possible, adopting a human identity and a mortal wife. Superman has never seen himself as a “warrior”, but as a protector and a symbol, to serve as a beacon of light to lead humans toward their highest potential. Batman and Wonder Woman are warriors in the struggle for justice, often feeling as though they are forced to do the dirty work others will not, such as killing Max Lord or creating spy-tech to monitor their fellow capes.

    To the point that Bruce Wayne is mentally ill, I believe it is a lazy assessment. A wonderful essay by clinical psychologist Robin S. Rosenberg, published in the book “Batman Unauthorized” edited by Denny O’Neil, focuses on the question of Bruce’s sanity, and makes the very strong case that while Bruce is serious and single-minded, dark and brooding, nothing in his make-up or history fits medical definitions for mental illness, depression, dissociative identity disorder, or PTSD. Being a dedicated and focused crime-fighter makes him no different than undercover cops or CIA spooks, who also deal with having double-identities and lack of personal lives. He may not be fun at parties, nor the lighthearted hero with a quick quip, but he is most definitely NOT insane.


  8. I think the assessment of the bat not being crazy ignores some of the over the top obsessive things he has done in the name of Order. I feel that he is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Things like Omac and his files on how to defeat all of his teammates as examples. He is obsessed on a level we on earth prime almost never see….and when we do, we fear that person.

    Part of the issue of such a discussion is whom is writing a character at the time. Who they are is somewhat fluid. Some writers put batman in a more compassionate light. But others can make him almost manic in his fanaticism. When you’re dealing with 60 years of history…more history than mortal men can accomplish, you’re going to see fluctuations.

    You mentioned Superman also…I agree that this isn’t necessarily the best paring. I think part of the issue is that comic fans want to see their favs hook up. Like a soap opera. But why does her love have to be given to her workmates (hesitate to say ‘friends’ since they turn on each other on a dime)? Why not give her someone else? Some fellow greek warrior, or even a warrior of another pantheon? Or, as I mentioned somewhat above, another Amazon. It is never touched on, but if there women has the same desires as those of us in man’s world….and have been on this island alone for centuries, would their culture have not long ago embraced amazon-amazon relations?

    In some ways, pushing her into a ‘normal’, mortal relationship cheapens her. Why does she need a mate at all? If she wishes for a child, implore her gods. Besides, having a relationship when you are a major superhero is pretty much a guaranteed way to get someone killed.


  9. “To the point that Bruce Wayne is mentally ill, I believe it is a lazy assessment.” I’ve come to that point of view as well. He’s obsessed with justice, and his methods are extreme by non-cape standards, but that doesn’t make him insane or even irrational. You could say the same about an Olympic athlete or any person who operates at an elite level. The man is just hella focused. This entire thread has given me an idea, though. :-)


  10. First off, great post by Chocotaco. Congrats on being the first token male on G3.

    Second, I think if a writer must make Wonder Woman date, you go one extreme or the other. Either she dates an extremely human guy with lots of failings, basically the opposite of her (i.e. Nemesis), or she dates some uber-dude (i.e. Superman).

    Personally, I liked it when the alluded to a possible romance between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. She’s a warrior, he’s a warrior. She’s a Princess of an Island, he’s the King of 75% of Earth. They both “get” the royalty aspect. They would be pretty amazing, I think. And that’s not just me projecting my Aquaman fanhood on the issue.

    The Irredeemable Shag


  11. ” Physical attraction plays a minor part, too, but I think that without that foundation of things that actually matter, you’re basically asking for trouble, either now or at some point down the road.”

    Physical attraction is only minor in comparison to the other points but that doesn’t give physical attraction a value of negative eighty. Especially for men. Men are not women, they are vastly more visually oriented than women. Make no mistake, to disregard and/or vilify a man’s desire for beauty in his mate is to COURT DISASTER in the long-term.


    “Doesn’t she deserve to be with someone who is an actual peer?”
    Oh what, because he can’t crumple up a car into a ball with his bare hands or melt an entire military base into fiery slag with his eyeballs in less than ten seconds that means he has nothing to offer her now?

    Basing a relationship on physical strength and power is just as superficial as basing a relationship on physical attraction.

    Way to go, Dr. Phil.


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