Non-geeks like to make jokes about what an unsexy hobby comic-book reading is, but have these people read a comic lately? Last year, I flipped through a Justice League of America issue and stumbled across a scene of Hawk Girl and Red Arrow engaged in one hell of a team-up. Some of those panels will send the unsuspecting reader scrambling for a bucket of cold water.

Which brings me to that dream sequence scene of my favorite Amazon making out with the original Batman in Wonder Woman Blackest Night #2. Yes, I know it was all in Diana’s mind as she fought the influence of the Black Lantern ring, and that Bruce Wayne is currently “dead.” But these two have long been my comic fantasy couple, which made that panel of them smooching, at least for me, the equivalent of geek-girl soft porn. The Thursday morning-after analysis with V. went thusly:

V: “Did you see how they were standing with his leg between hers? Girl, it was kinda dirty.”

Me: “Oh, it would be dirty. With Batman? Definitely.”

It went downhill from there with inappropriate comments about utility belts. Anyway, the moment wouldn’t have been nearly as thrilling if Diana had been dreaming of, say, Hal Jordan. There’s a reason that writers — including those behind the excellent “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited” cartoons — have played with the idea of a romantic spark between Batman and Wonder Woman over the years.

They’ve got a couple of important things in common: While Wonder Woman is motivated by her love of humanity, ultimately, she’s all about getting the job done. In her own way, she’s every bit as tenacious and mission-driven as Batman is. (Maybe moreso. Wonder Woman put the drop on Maxwell Lord, something Batman has never been able to do with all-too-deserving villains like the Joker.) Then there’s the privilege factor. They’re not exactly equals — Diana is blessed by deities, after all — but the two share the experience of having extraordinary backgrounds. Diana is a princess, and as the billionaire prince of Gotham City, Bruce certainly qualifies as American royalty. For obvious reasons, neither would expect the other to be home by 5 p.m. with dinner waiting.

The theory that Batman is incapable of having a decent relationship is valid, but I’m not sure I buy it. He may be a brooding asshole with intimacy issues, but he’s still a man. Somehow, I doubt he’d turn down an opportunity to be with someone as formidable, wise and drop-dead beautiful as Wonder Woman. Given Bruce’s sketchy romantic track record — Catwoman, Talia al-Ghul, Jezebel Jet — it’s way past time for him to go legit in the dating department. And really, who better than Wonder Woman to try breaking through all those layers of Kevlar and mistrust? If she couldn’t do it, no one could.

So let’s bring the teasing to an end once and for all, DC. When Mr. Wayne returns from the great beyond, he and Diana are overdue for a little trip to Paradise Island, if you know what I’m saying.

25 thoughts on “Batman + Wonder Woman = Hotness

  1. This was a good one! But if they did hook-up, what would be the catalyst? I mean they have known each other for “years” as friends and teammates. What could ignite the spark to alter their relationship? I think it would have to be something small yet significant in a private shared moment.


  2. That’s an excellent question. I think it could also happen very gradually. There will be a lot of catching up to do once Bruce returns, and maybe Diana would offer hints about her fantasy life during the inevitable, “Boy, that Black Lantern invasion was out of control!” conversation. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of things jump off during JLA satellite duty. You’re out there in space; glances are exchanged …


  3. While Bruce may not have superpowers, I see him as a peer and equal to Diana. He consistently uses strategy and excellence to defeat foes that are many times more powerful than he is. He’s sort of like a modern-day Odysseus; his mind is his greatest weapon. Of course, his peak-human physique and super-ninja training help too. ;)

    I’d have no problem with a Bruce/Diana power-coupling. I think they fit together well.


  4. When I first saw the image I was like OMFG! THAT is so f’n hot, but after talking to a few other friends about it they showed me how spiritual it was from Diana’s POV!

    Still think it is one the of the hottest Comic book kisses I’ve seen so far, but I also see how Diana’s subconsciously see’s Bruce as a person that truly understands her in ways others do not.

    Would love to see them together in the comics. Who knows maybe they are planning something like this or they are just messing with us. :(


    1. I also considered the idea that Greg Rucka is messing with the fans, which would be so cruel! But knowing how much he loves Wondy, I’m optimistic that this will go somewhere eventually. If not, we might have to mount a campaign.


      1. This article is incredibly incompetent.

        What the heck’s wrong with you people?
        Why the heck are you acting like jerks?

        Why the heck are you folks supporting hack writing & stupid plotholes like this?

        Why the heck are you folks so aggressive on derailing an iconic female superheroine just to satisfy your perverted Bat-Wacko fixations?

        You folks aren’t DC fans, You don’t care about Wonder Woman, all you care about is seeing Batman getting laid to a godlike being that you have no idea what the heck she stands for.

        Batman wasn’t made for immature jerks like you to spend the rest of his grim life at a Utopian society of women. Batman’s made for an audience who want to see a dark, grim vigilante detective who fights villains, gangsters, and hook out with an equally, amoral adventuress wearing a skintight catsuit. That’s the way the late Bob Kane & Bill Finger made that Batman/Catwoman pairing to be and you folks are too immature and too careless to realize that you’re sabotaging their legacy by supporting this stupid, ridiculous pairing w WW that doesn’t make sense.

        I am honestly stunned at just how easily manipulative a stupid, Batman-centric, cartoon like Justice League can drive people into believing a hacked idea that wasn’t even developed to begin with only because that the producers hate Superman & Wonder Woman which is incredibly obvious.

        So get your act together, stop making Batman into a freaking joke, stop pretending that you like Wonder Woman and grow the heck up.

        I’m sick of this childish crap.



        1. The purity of your outrage … my God, it’s like biting into a York Peppermint Patty for the first time: Bracing, epic and AWESOME. I devoured every word! I believe that the great philosopher Katt Williams said it best: “What the $%*& do you think a hater’s job is? To $%*&ing hate! … Ladies, if you got 14 women hating you on you, then you need to figure out how the $%*& to get to 16 before the summer gets here.”

          Thank you for doing your job, R78! We salute you.


          1. Got to love Kat Williams!
            He and Dave Chapelle should be studied at university under Philosophy and Bringing the funny and the hard truth! : )

            Oh and R78?
            Diana and Bruce 4 evah! :D


  5. In the regular series, Wonder Woman told Nemesis that an Amazonian relationship is like combat.Maybe with all the beatdowns she’s given Bats over the years,that’s fueled her attraction.


  6. Personaly I think Zatana fits better for Bruce. But thats a good illo.

    There was a real lame comic years ago, in JLA, when Diana was thinking about dating Batman, where she prefered to conect herself to a Martian machine to know possible futures than to simply date him.


  7. It would never work, but a mutual attraction seems natural enough… I see their workouts as flirtation, if not foreplay! They both have a ‘purity’ of sorts, an uncompromising core, and both have fought ‘monsters’ – I think Wayne’s use of violence but refusal to kill speaks to the duality of Diana’s role as Warrior Ambassador of peace. And I think Bats sees Diana as how Superman SHOULD be, and trusts her more with some things. There’s huge mutual respect, and a lot of shared, intense history… they do say life-threatening situations can boost the libido! (Heh, just had a flash of Jay stripping off in Dogma, hoping to score at the end of the world!)

    Um, you won’t let R78 get me, will you?


  8. Bruce would have a hard time in ANY long-term relationship. One could argue that the tension is more interesting than an actual romance would be, but it just makes me giddy to think of it. LOVE the Dogma reference! Ah, Jason Mewes. He always brings the funny.


  9. Has anyone noticed that we have NO explanation for Diana’s current situation. My theory – Bruce will let out all that latent Omega energy and Diana will get caught in it. Poof.
    Also – did anyone catch the dialogue between White Ghost and Bruce in the Oracle one shot?
    White Ghost: “What’s with the lassos, pal? You have a Wonder Woman fetish?!”
    Bruce: “Maybe.”
    Not that were going to get any resolution of that giant dangling Black Lantern plot thread. *sigh*


  10. R78 you nearly had me thinking we were awful liking BMWW over BMCW until the SMWW comment. Word to the wise don’t imply a better pairing with a guy who is in a far more established relationship with a woman meant to be his love interest. You really kill your argument. Jeez Lois has been Superman’s main squeeze for 70 years whereas CW was created to be a femme fatale villain, a woman that BM flirts with but still puts in jail. Only on Earth 2 and in recent BM history has CW changed to something else. The DCAU BMWW was created out of fan response to loving them together. You can’t fight chemistry. :)


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