11 thoughts on “Lady Shiva v. Deathstroke

  1. Hardly. Lady Shiva is one of the greatest martial artists in the DCU with a death wish. Being that she wants to die, makes her hard to kill. Slade, while (advantageously) physically enhanced, does have martial arts skill, he’s not as good as Shiva. Some might argue that. BUT, if Shiva seriously injured him, he tends to lose his shit a little bit…leaving a window of opportunity.


  2. Deathstroke once beat Batman like a red-headed stepchild, sicced his daughter on Batgirl (to admittedly mixed results,) and has repeatedly taken on whole super-teams by himself or with underwhelming back-up. Lady Shiva gets quality lip service from upper echelon martial artists, but has been beaten twice/killed once by Batgirl, and been beaten/stalemated by Batman regularly. She typically fights one or more other fighters who, while beneath her individually, hold their own collectively.

    The advantage totally comes from the Terminator’s powers, as he’s a mediocre martial artist without them, but well above Shiva’s weight class with them. Shiva’s a knife in a gunfight here.


    1. The Prometheus helmet dubbed her the 3rd greatest martial artist in the DCU. And, she learns new martial arts styles every year.

      As for her being beaten by Batman regularly. Not really. He had help because he needed it. AND, Bruce sought training from her after that. As for her fight with Cassandra, that was her daughter. I think it was quite poetic that she broke Shiva’s neck. Being that both women have a death wish.

      But Shiva herself has taken on more than one fighter, entire groups of ninja assassins, and remained standing. I do recall, Slade being beaten by Geoforce last year.

      I chose Deathsroke because he is such a beast. But I think Shiva is just that skilled that she could stand her ground. Neither of them mind killing. I think she could get her Leopard Blow in on him. At the very least, it would be one hell of a fight.


  3. You make a good case. Deathstroke alternates between bad ass and cheese ball, where Shiva’s more consistent. How do Ben Turner and Richard Dragon figure, do you think?


  4. Well , i have to give this fight to deathstroke . Mad props to shiva though , she would last a while against deathstroke , but seeing that deathstroke is immortal , has a healing factor like wolverine . KIllED HIS WIFE AND ONE SON , let another be killed because it was his mission at stake.nearly killed his daughter Rose wilson by shoving red kryptonite in her eye. And may i remind you that slade took out like 8 jla member i mean real high ranking jla member , by god he out smarted flash and made him impale himself , he took out the atom while he was the size of the atom both feets are almost impossible and yes he did beat bat man like a red headed step child


  5. if PIS is of, then DEATHSTROKE should win this one, he has meta-human strengh, meta-human speed, meta-human endurance, and he can use 90% of his brain…but if PIS conts, then shiva takes it, Batman, cassandra cain and nightwing have all already beaten or at least stalemated deathstroke with the help of major PIS so, if they can do it, the best fighter in the world (Lady Shiva) can also do it, and rather easly


  6. Deathstroke will win, he has a sharp mind compared to Shiva’s mastery of martial art which is not really much to begin with.The saying goes, knowing is winning half the battle in this point I give it to Deathstroke, being the best mercenary requires an intellect like no other and you are forgetting Slade is not a good guy either, he is willing to kill if must.Shiva’s although is the best martial art expert, is only but human, there is so many damage she can take before succumbing to her injuries, where else Slade is injected with the Mirakuru serum giving him meta human abilities to endure. And of you wants to speak personality wise, people who say Shiva has a death wish, sure have never thought about Slade losing his family, that added with his cold sharp mind should be more than enough to grant’s Shiva’s wish of wanting to lose to a person who is better than her and Slade Wilson is that man.


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