Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re spreading the love for one more day. Today’s post is dedicated to some  romantic comic book moments that sorely tested our smudge-proof mascara.

Barry and Iris Allen’s Final Crisis reunion

Final Crisis had a surplus of WTF-ery, but Barry (the Flash) and Iris Allen’s reunion in issue #4 was a high point. Emerging from the Speed Force after his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry finds his wife under the influence of the Anti-Life equation. After breaking the spell with a kiss 25 years in the making, he tells her, “Sorry I was late.” That kind of connection is just plain hot — and romantic as all get out.

Yorick to 355: ‘It was you.’

Y: The Last Man succeeded on the action/adventure/sci-fi epic level, but one of its best elements was the evolving relationship between Yorick Brown, the only man on Earth to survive a mysterious plague, and his guardian, a female secret agent he knows only as 355. (Major spoiler ahead!) For much of the series, Yorick is obsessed with finding his girlfriend, Beth, who was on another continent when all hell broke loose. But near the book’s end, he tells 355 that she’s the one who made him want to survive — and he learns that she’s also in love with him. Moments after 355 whispers her real name in Yorick’s ear, she’s killed by a sniper’s bullet. Heartbreaking? Absolutely. But for a brief moment, it’s absolutely right.

Peter and Mary Jane’s true love waits

I don’t care what Brian Michael Bendis’ detractors say. That man can write the hell out of adolescent angst. Bendis channeled his inner sophomore perfectly for Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3, in which Mary Jane presents Peter with a doozie: “Should we …?” They don’t, but the question leads to a series of awkward hallway encounters and nutty arguments that should be familiar to anyone who’s been young and in love. In the story’s closing moments, Peter does end up in Mary Jane’s bedroom, but only to tell her that even though he’d like to, there’s no pressure — and that he loves her enough to marry her. Sweet, sincere and touching. Keep those pants on, kids!

Bigby’s big reveal to Snow White

In the “Storybook Love” arc of Fables, Fabletown Deputy Mayor Snow White gets more than she bargained for when she asks Sheriff Bigby Wolf to elaborate on his feelings about her. Our favorite wolf-man reveals that he can read Snow’s emotions based on her scent. A scent he has been unable to forget since their first encounter some 500 years prior, and is so attuned to that he’s able to ascertain a dead-on assessment of her inner life pretty much all the time.  The moment Bigby shares this with Snow (and she manages to pick her jaw up), the stage is set for a future fairy-tale ending.

Green Lantern Unmasks Hawkgirl

OK, technically, this isn’t a comic book moment since it took place in season 2 of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited series. However, I’d put this TV series up there with some of the best DC Comics in terms of writing and character development, so sue me. After some serious hint-dropping, the romance between GL John Stewart and Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) finally took flight, no pun intended, with a smoldering, mask-free kiss in the JLA Watchtower.

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