6 thoughts on “After Blackest Night Comes Brightest Day

    1. I too am tired of the gimmick of events, and so is my bank account. Were it not for Tomasi being on the book with Johns and The Birds factoring heavily (at least that’s what I hear) into the story, I might skip it. I’ma three issue kinda girl with new books. If you haven’t grabbed me by the third issue, consider yourself dropped.


  1. I just want good stories, whether they’re self-contained or big, “everything changes” events. It just seems like the DCU has been ruled by events lately, with nary a break in between.


  2. I’m sick of DC period, but Johns is pimping favorite characters of mine like Aquaman, the Atom and Martian Manhunter. Based on that, Tomasi being alright, a bi-weekly schedule and quality artists, I’ll give it a try. I hung with 52 until 25, and this gives me a chance to pull out before 12, which helps a lot.


    1. Yeah, I’m glad it’s not a weekly. I will NEVER buy a weekly again. I got caught up in that shit with Trinity, and my OCD wouldn’t let me drop the book. Expensive lesson, because that story was so meh. I now follow a rule of three. If I’m not interested by the third issue, I’m done. Three satisfies the special crazy in my head, and gives me an adequate amount of info to know if I’ll enjoy the art and writing.


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