We’ve seen these two duke it out a time or two before, and it looks like they’re at it again in this month’s issue of Wonder Woman. So, we’re curious. Do you think the Wonder Warrior would be triumphant, or would PG’s Kryptonian strength bitchiness manage to “pit bull” a win?

Wondy v. PG

13 thoughts on “Power Girl v. Wonder Woman

  1. I think Wonder Woman has the edge, but I’d be routing for Power Girl. I prefer her as a character. I think her bitchiness and no-nonsense attitude is more relate-able.

    With that said, I’d route for Ms. Marvel over both of them. If you want a good female superhero action-oriented comic, go read Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel series in trade paperback. The series is wrapping up now, but Marvel produced an engaging straight-up action book with a single female character in the lead.

    The Irredeemable Shag


    1. E. gave a rather amusing version of events: Diana would get Power Girl in a full nelson, and kindly say, “Fall back sister. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.” I think PG’s hot temper would cloud her judgment, and the skilled warrior prowess would prevail. So, while we are WILDLY biased in favor of Wondy here at G3, I think that’s a fair assessment. Or, as fair as we can be.

      As for Ms. Marvel, i read a book a while back, and it was good. She is one hell of a character. I may have to jump on those trades…eventually. She’s going to have to get in line, I’m backed up on my Marvel stuff at the moment.


  2. Even though I voted for PG, to be honest, I think it would be a tie. It would be one of those fights that would go back and forth a very long time and both would tire out before either one would win.


  3. I wonder what is says about shag that he finds a bitchy woman more relatable to a compassionate one ;)

    When it comes down to it, WW is a WAY better fighter than PG. too much strength can actually hurt when the person you’re fighting can use your momentum against you. All of the super family almost never show any real aptitude for fighting. They just seem to punch stuff.

    In watching the latest JL cartoon, they do a good job of showing how WW would sight someone like PG (more martial prowess, less brute strength).


  4. I love me some Power Girl, but Wonder Woman would kick the crap out of her. Wondy is from an island of super-powered women who spend all day every day kicking butt and being awesome.

    Power Girl is strong and all, but Diana is easily just as powerful (moreso, in my opinion). Diana’s combat training makes this a no contest.


  5. Wonder Woman is on the sam estrength level as Supes. Why dp people have a hard time accepting that when even DC has admitted it. She is among the strongest of DC characters. Only Supes and Shazam have comparable strength.
    hands down she would win


  6. In response to this query I will simply point out the July 2006 crossover for Supes and Wondie called Sacrifice. Wondie slits Supes throat with her tiara amongst other things. She’s a warrior…he, and Power Girl, are flying bricks. Yeah…Wondie for the win. Power Girl really is not going to be able to handle Wondie.


  7. I vote for Wonder Woman. She is the only one who can fight with superman tightly! Wonder Woman is the winner!


  8. Wonder woman is the ultimate female champion in all of the world of female super heroes(that includes marvel and any other graphic novels). As well as the ultimate super hero fighter. She is the only female super hero to have woman in her title name.


  9. Diana would win no questions asked!
    She is a warrior born and trained and even without her gifts, which has the same as PG plus more she would still be able to fight her.
    PowerGirl could NOT take on Superman, Diana has and has held him even with a broken hand.


  10. Wonder Woman. She’s a Batman-level fighter, and Batman regularlty beats guys stronger than him without breaking a sweat. She’s smarter, too. Is actually named after the Greek godess of the hunt.


  11. Wonder Woman, obviously
    recap: A highly trained, physically and mentally, warrior. Her ability to fight has all of Superman skills without his weaknesses, and as an extra point, according to Bruce Wayne, her only weakness is that she could fight tirelessly until her last breath … so, there is no competition here.


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