By now you’ve probably heard all about the outcome of Justice League: Cry for Justice. DC’s resident douchebag, Oliver Queen, killed Prometheus with an arrow to the head. In my opinion, Prometheus deserved to die. He annoyed me anyway, and anyone who can make Lady Shiva run away from a fight (channeling my best British accent) BOTHERS me. I won’t miss him one bit.

Prometheus’ death was the only shining moment in Cry for Justice, which is one of the most sucktastic stories I’ve ever read, rivaled only by Chuck Dixon’s Birds of Prey run (and, OK, Trinity). There were times when I was so irritated that I just wanted to throw the book at the wall.

Case in point: In issue #5, Ollie shows up on the JLA satellite after having been gone for who knows how long chasing leads to find Prometheus. There is a moment between him and Dinah that made me want to claw my eyes out. She sort of pulls him aside and asks him where he’s been. He blows her off, and she gives a codependent monologue about how she’s lost faith in herself without his cheating, arrow-toting ass.

The panel doubles the cheese factor by showing a single tear running down Dinah’s face, followed by a wildly disrespectful retort from Green Arrow.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

Look, I realize Dinah and Ollie are married, but that reaction was bullshit. I mean, after all the things Dinah has endured because of her relationship with this guy, she would hardly turn into a crybaby because he ran off with Hal Jordan for a spell. Portraying such an incredibly strong, capable character as “lost” without this man makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. I am so over her being an accessory to Ollie.

DC, I sincerely hope that Green Arrow’s status as a true cad and, now, a murderer, opens the door for Dinah to walk right out of this demeaning relationship. Please let Gail write up the divorce papers. Thaw her out from her time in the freezer, and then justice will be served.

9 thoughts on “Canary Cry For Justice

  1. I laughed a lot while reading this.

    Black Canary is so much more interesting than Green Arrow will ever be. I wish that writers would realize that and keep them away from each other for a good decade or two.

    I didn’t read Cry for Justice because it looked terrible, but I can’t really call killing Prometheus murder. He’s murdered thousands of innocent people, so I can’t really see putting an arrow inside his brain as anything but justice.


  2. Prometheus had a cool origin as the Anti-Batman child of Natural Born Killers slain by the fuzz. Unfortunately, he grew up to become Prometheus, a lame ass Taskmaster riff whose sucky helmet still hadn’t upgraded to digital from compact disc. If Huntress could take him, Shiva would be his butcher. Funny how he nearly died a decade back via a purple arrow instead of emerald.

    Chuck Dixon’s Birds of Prey made me go sleepy time unless he was paired with an exciting artist like Gary Frank or Matt Haley. Simone was such a sea change, excelling despite Ed Benes’ cheesy work.

    As for Green Arrow, I assume he’ll go to prison, so that they can pull a Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet on David Goyer’s unproduced Supermax screenplay. This Punisher-with-archaic-weaponry business isn’t going to fly. If Ollie really wants to get the attention of fandom, I think he should learn a lesson from his relatively recent foe, Dr. Light. That guy languished in obscurity for just about ever, only to become the talk of the town by retroactively raping Sue Dibny. What Ollie needs to do to get a featured article in Newsweek is to stop overcompensating with all this womanizing, and admit he’s a queen in more than surname. He can then apply a true deterrent to crime, the threat of sodomizing his many costumed foes. Let’s Ollie fire his Pink Arrow into the Dark Brown Eye of Malevolence, and everyone will be talking. Plus: no more jerking Dinah around!


    1. What Ollie needs to do to get a featured article in Newsweek is to stop overcompensating with all this womanizing, and admit he’s a queen in more than surname.

      Oh Frank, you just made my day. I’m now waiting for the axis to shift, frogs to fall from the sky, or for pigs to fly because we actually agree on something.

      And there was one issue of Birds of Prey when Prometheus and Shiva face off. They had some banter back and forth. Prometheus bragging about his helmet, and how it has all the fighting skills of the best martial artists. Shiva talking about how she learns a new martial arts style every year or something, and could beat her former self. Prometheus served her up as she underestimated the helmet, and she bounced. I hated him then. But then he got all lame for awhile. They explained that away in Cry for Justice as an impostor.

      Chuck Dixon kept using the term “mad-on” in his run of BoP. Like I’ve got a real mad-on for this guy, I’m gonna kick his ass. He had Dinah say it, and maybe Oracle too. No self-respecting woman would say that. It’s just weird.


  3. I agree about Canary and will be glad when she and Ollie are separated and she is back to being awesome in BoP.

    As for Prometheus…I’m pretty sure that most governments would considering him a terrorist/mass murderer/war criminal. no one should be bothered by his death but the most super bleeding hearts.


  4. I HATE what have been done with “Green Arrow” character for the last ten years. Since Chuck Dixon run of the character he’s been through a string of writers who just didn’t understand him or the way he worked. Only Kevin Smith did a reasonable job with him. I’m tired of him being badly written by writers who chose to write him like a hypocrital douchebag just because they didn’t agree with GA political views, him, or whatever. I’m tired of his supposed “cheating” with Shado (he was pretty much raped there) being brought up every single time and as an excuse for a writer write him as a cheater or a womanizer. Before Dixon his only parther (besides Shado, but that doesn’t count because it was a rape) as far as I remember, was Black Canary. He flirted, but wasn’t a womanizer. GA was pretty tame if compared with his pal, Hal Jordan (and even if some readers don’t agree, he has always been a player). Before Dixon he was a preachy idealistic person, a bit naive (like most superheroes), but not an hypocrite jerk. He was the “other voice” at the JLA satellite era and brought interesting point of views. He wanted was for the superheroes to be more active and fight the causes of crime, not only the effects. As far as I remember, lost all his fortune because he didn’t want to compromise his views (and yes, Ollie did a lost of social work). Preachy and annoying? Yes. Hypocrite? Nope. He was one of the most interesting DC character, more than Black Canary. But they RUINED him. And, as far as I read, this new writer isn’t much better. It will take a LONG time before they can fix him properly.

    By the way, I agree GA and BC need a break. A break for goood. They aren’t fun anymore, their romance (IMO, one of best among DC character) was damaged because the writers needed to write Ollie as a bastard and now, Dinah, as a person who abandon people when they need her the most (why they did’t do that BEFORE “Cry for Justice”). I agree a romantic partnership has conflics, but, come on!

    I’m sorry for the rant, but I’m annoyed for what they was done to one of my favorite characters.


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