With all due respect to Green Lantern and Batman, the live-action superhero movie DC/Warner Brothers ought to be making isn’t really about heroes at all. Two words: Secret. Six.

Aside from being one of the most consistently good mainstream comics around, the current incarnation of Secret Six is a carnival ride of moral ambiguity; wildly amusing yet sickening. While darkness seems to plague this colorful cast wherever they go (Junior, Devil’s Island, *shudder*), there’s also plenty of humor and the perfect Hollywood cliché of stuff just … blowing up. That’s a filmmaker and casting director’s dream (or at least the dream of the alternate universe versions of V and I that make movies).

Let’s face it; a smaller, off-kilter movie about a group of rogues stands a better chance of being good — or at least interesting — than any live-action Justice League movie a studio would whip up. (I’m not saying I don’t want to see a live-action JL movie, but I just don’t see how it could possibly be done well.)

We’ve got our own ideas about casting Secret Six: The Movie, but first we want to hear yours.  Who’s your big-screen dream team to portray Bane, Jeanette, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Scandal Savage — or Knockout or Black Alice?

3 thoughts on “Secret Six Casting Call

  1. First off, I just wanna throw out there that I would rather see SS as an HBO or Showtime series. To me the characters would work better on a regular basis. You’d never get enough exposition to get people connected in 2 hours. Just my 2 cents. But I’d take a movie…or a cartoon, or even a stack of napkins that I have to flip through really quick like.

    Either way, as I mentioned to V, I think Ragdoll would need to be CGI. Get Andy Serkis to do the mo cap. His odd stances and stuff would be really hard for a real person to do constantly.

    Lets see…Bane? Perhaps the Rock or some other wrestler with some decent acting chops (which more of them have than are given credit). I think someone like that could give him the intensity (and size) he needs.

    After seeing some of his westerns, a younger Tom Seleck could have possibly done Lawton.

    How about Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) for Catman?

    After seeing her in ‘Spartan’, I’m loving me some Lucy Lawless…perhaps as Janette?

    I’ll have to think more


  2. I like the idea of an HBO series. That could work really well for this. Funny that you mention The Rock as Bane, because that was one of my first thoughts. He’s not as outrageously big as the comic book character, but that wouldn’t matter if he brought the right presence to the role.


  3. I’d say David Wenham as Catman. A lot of people have said Josh Holloway, but I think David’s got more matching features.
    Though, that’s not to say Josh wouldn’t be good.


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