Shortly after unveiling new Wonder Woman writer J. Michael Straczynski, DC has announced a new creative team for its buzzworthy Power Girl title — and it’s a teeny bit controversial. With issue #13, writer Judd Winick and artist Sami Basri will take over for current writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and artist Amanda Conner. I’m not even gonna front: It’s very likely that issue #12 will be my last. Nothing is static in comics, but the trio of Palmiotti, Gray and Conner made Power Girl both fun to read and gorgeous to look at. I’d probably read Wonder Woman even if it were written and illustrated by 7-year-olds. However, my attachment to Power Girl has nothing to do with the character and everything to do with the quality of her book.

8 thoughts on “Power Girl: Fun While It Lasted?

  1. I hate Judd Winick so much I’m not even planning to buy the JLI reunion series with Giffen. That speaks volumes, and I doubt Power Girl will survive past #25 with him on board.


    1. I talked to my LCS owner about this, and he thinks readers should give it a chance before dropping it. My response was that if DC really wants the book to succeed, the editors should put a less polarizing writer behind it. I’d like to see a superheroine book do well. But as a reader with limited funds, I have to make judgments based on my own tastes and prior experiences with certain creators. In other words, I know I don’t like Nickelback — so unless the Foo Fighters suddenly begin recording under that name, why bother?


      1. Of course your LCS owner wants you to stick with it for a few issues. First, that’s so he can make more sales. Second, he has to order 2 months in advance, so he needs at least 2 months worth of sales to judge how many copies to order.

        Just my two cents.



        1. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you how that works. We’re only on issue #10 this week, so doesn’t that give him enough of a grace period to drop it from my pull list by issue #13? Besides, I almost always replace it with something else. He’s running a business; I get it. But I’m also spending a decent amount of cash in his store every week, so back up off me, man!


  2. Frank summed up my feelings perfectly. I’m a huge JLI fan. I’m a huge Power Girl fan. I won’t be buying either the JLI reunion book, nor the future Power Girl issues. Bums me out.

    Judd Winick has no originality. He simply takes other peoples concepts (like Jeph Loeb’s fake resurrection of Jason Todd in “Hush”) and re-uses it for his own means (as he did in the “Red Hood” story with Jason Todd’s resurrection). Add in the fact that he can’t write superhero/supervillain plots at all. His Green Lantern run was decent, but nothing else has hit my fancy.

    I wonder if I’d be willing to drop Firestorm if Winick took over. What a Kobayashi Maru of a situation.

    The Irredeemable Shag


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