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Secret Six #20 played out like a well-acted revenge thriller. Catman reminded me of Liam Neeson in Taken. Those baddies effed with the wrong guy! Still, I wish Cheshire had come along to help with the revenge portion of the show. Maybe Gail will bring her around later. Let’s hope.

On the whole, this issue was fast-paced and full of that shock factor these characters are known for, and it set the stage for a hell of a story arc. Thanks again, Gail, for reminding me why I buy monthly issues instead of waiting for the trade.

Secret Six is one of the best books on comic store shelves right now, so I’m puzzling over the 2010 Eisner Award nominations. Based on conversations with my geek posse and articles about the nominees, it seems that most of the nods were totally deserved. However, I have a bone to pick with the judges in a specific category — Best Writer. The five MEN nominated were Ed Brubaker, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Mark Waid and Bill Willingham. My thoughts:

I haven’t read anything by Brubaker or Waid, so I can’t give an opinion. I’ve heard from several fanboys that Brubaker’s Captain America and Waid’s Irredeemable are excellent. OK. Fine.

Willingham rocks. I LOVE Fables, and I’ve lost hours of sleep because I couldn’t put the trades down. His work is consistent and intriguing, so this nomination makes perfect sense to me.

Johns? Meh. Insert Greg Rucka instead. Sure, Johns is a solid writer, but I’ve never loved his work. The Flash: Rebirth was a snore. Blackest Night was a good time, but I’d liken it to Avatar getting the award for best movie at the Golden Globes over Inglourious Basterds. Johns is just so … mainstream.

(Deep Sigh) At the risk of beating a dead horse, I have to say it: James fucking Robinson got an Eisner Award nomination for the steaming load that was Justice League: Cry For Justice! What. The. Hell?! I’ll spare you the bullet points of why it sucked (click here and here and here AND here if you must know). The bottom line is that Robinson doesn’t deserve it, at least, not for this comic.

There are other writers who are more worthy of a nomination —writers like, I dunno, Gail Simone for Secret Six. Duh. Her writing in this book has been unwaveringly good, and every issue makes me laugh out loud. Secret Six is pure, debauched entertainment, and I love it.

Robinson is up against some heavy hitters, so surely he can’t win. But Ms. Simone’s absence from the ballot is both a mystery and a damned shame.

9 thoughts on “Gail Was Robbed!

  1. You know I agree with you. Gail is one of the few writers that I would follow anywhere. If they announced “Gail Simone to be writing ‘Josie and the Pussy cats meet Casper the Friendly Ghost'” I’d call up my store and have them add it to my pull list right away.


  2. … James Robinson got nominated?!? Holy crap!
    (And I do mean CRAP!)

    I could do without Brubaker this year, but lord knows nominations like those have next to nothing to do with the comics. Groan.


  3. Hmmmm, I wonder if Catman knows about Cheshire’s relationship with Roy Harper, aka Red Arrow/Arsenal? Future story possibility for Gail…?

    As for the Eisner noms:

    I couldn’t disagree more about Johns’ work (with the exception of Flash Rebirth, which I fell asleep reading), which is always at the top of my must-read pile. His Teen Titans, JSA, Green Lantern, & Blackest Night have all rocked!

    Not so sure Willingham should be on that list, but perhaps I’m not qualified to judge since I’ve never read Fables… but his JSA is quite meh. I enjoyed his early work on Comico’s Elementals, but he hasn’t impressed me since then.

    Robinson…what more can be said about the awful JLA mess that hasn’t already been said? JR seems to be more suited to new charcters or those without much established background (such as his highly enjoyable run on Starman) where he can focus on just one main character and a solid supporting cast. JLA, with it’s Titans-centric cast, has just too much history and characterization established by other writers (why can’t DC get Marv Wolfman on JLA?) to adapt to. Robinson is a good writer…just not on JLA.

    Brubaker made me a Bucky Cap fan, Waid has impressed me many a time. Certainly Gail belongs…. no… NEEDS to be on that list! Both her Birds of Prey and Secret Six have been consistantly awesome. Such a shame she didn’t get the nod from the Eisner judges this year.


  4. I really didn’t like Simone’s run on Wonder Woman, but the only reason to throw an Eisner James Robinson’s way this year is to literally throw an Eisner award at James Robinson, preferably somewhere tender, like the groin. It’s a good thing the Eisners haven’t been relevant since the ’80s, or the slight might have bothered me in some way. Today, its slightly less interesting than the announcement of Employee of the Month at the local Taco Bell. That chica got her picture put up in a frame and I think she got a free order of Cinnamon Twists!


    1. I guess that makes me feel a little better. The Eisner’s being irrelevant and all. At the very least, thanks for the laugh … as per usual.

      For the record, I don’t think that Gail’s run on Wonder Woman has been all that good. I just love the character, and it’s been decent. But Secret Six is fucking great. It always has been.


  5. I definitely agree that Gail Simone should have been nominated but she probably didn’t make a pact with the devil as I suspect Robinson might have. Now I am going out on a limb here but I am going to defend James Robinson. The begginning of Cry for Justice was good, and I think the characters he Spotlighted were great. Most people complain about the end, its sucks to see the Justice League loose but Prometheus had good timing and he’s an evil genius. It kinda made sense, this is putting Star City on the map, and the Justice League is only going to Rock harder after this. If It doesn’t then I say we Lynch him.
    The Devil: So you want a long lasting career in comics huh?
    James Robinson: More than anything…
    The Devil: Alright but you have to kill a little girl and I will get you an Eisner Nomination
    James Roninson: OK, but i am not a killer so I will just kill a lil girl in my comic
    The Devil: Fair enough, they will hate you even more for that. YES! Hate is good.


    1. Frankly, I could not care less that the JLA lost. Dare I say, I liked Final Crisis (*ducks to avoid book being launched at my head*), and EVERYBODY lost in that story. Cry For Justice was way over-hyped.

      One issue out of seven does not a good story arc make.

      The first issue was AIGHT. But, Robinson’t story telling was abrupt and not believable. And ok, Lian dies. I have a kid, and that scene didn’t move me AT ALL. The pacing was all off, and things were just happening. It was like a really bad summer movie. The art tried to be good, but then it got stupid.

      Really, Starfire and the other girls lounging around the pool in bikinis?


  6. Yeah your right. With so many good books out there and so little time (I’m a mom too) I was just trying to justify waisting my time on this one. But alas there is no justifying Cry for Justice.


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