6 thoughts on “Black Canary v. Cheshire

  1. Cheshire because one of her kids already died and the 2nd one (afaik, sadly I don’t collect SS outside of the trades) is currently in danger. She’s ruthless, deadly and vengeful. BC is a HEROINE and her morals are not to kill and all that so she’s got something holding her back while Chesh could give two s***s how badly she hurts BC. And I don’t think Chesh likes BC because of her closeness to Roy and Lian.

    BC would certainly put up a formidable fight but Chesh is going to come out on top on the end.


    • Ooooh, good point. I’d forgotten how close Dinah is to Roy. This fight is better than I’d imagined.

      I agree, Cheshire is MUCH more ruthless than Black Canary. BUT, Jade is not as skilled in martial arts as Dinah is. It’s anybody’s fight … especially since we have a loose-cannon, mourning mother with just about nothing to lose (as far as she knows, both her kids are dead). Dinah does have her Canary Cry though.


  2. I give it to Dinah. She knows Jade enough to know that a battle with her is potentially a battle to the death. So the Cry is going to be used, and Jade really doesn’t have much defense against it.


  3. Why does Canary look like a blonde Artemis there? That’s the impression I got anyway.

    Um, ok, yeah I can’t really comment beyond that little bland observation because I haven’t gotten around to knowing Canary or Cheshire yet. But, from these comments, sounds like it would be a wicked awesome fight.


  4. I think I voted for Dinah, but your polls always freeze up on me, so I figured I’d offer a word here in the comments.


  5. Man, I can’t call this one. Cheshire is deadly as hell and unusually motivated, but Dinah’s skill should never be underestimated. There’s a great animated DVD plot in here somewhere.


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