By the absurdly slim margin of 51.7% over 48.3%, it has been decided that I should finish reading Crisis on Infinite Earths. Hooray for me.

For those who voted for me to move on, thanks for trying. I’ve got some juicy stuff waiting for me. Now it’s taunting me. Perhaps that will get me through the 200 and some odd pages remaining.

For those who voted for me to finish, I am a woman of my word. I will do it, however begrudgingly.  Once I am done, I will also write about it honestly. So, if by some slim chance I end up liking this bullshit, I will tell you that I liked it. BUT if it continues to suck, my review will contain as many four letter words as possible.

I do know one thing, Crisis will be the last time I tolerate the uncreative, plot-devouring, manga-robot mothafucka that is the Anti-Monitor. Brightest Day, consider yourself dropped from the pull-list.

It’s time to go rip this band-aid off.

13 thoughts on “I’m So Anti, Crisis Don’t Matter

  1. Enjoy! When you are done, make sure to find the George Perez article ( wizard 1994) about the alt ending that might have made it a bit more interesting. Ok, I am just making that up….not even the alt ending could have saved this!


  2. I’ve been told to read this. I’ve been told not to read this.

    Truth be told, I haven’t touched a Crisis book. Ever. I mean, I got Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 and 3 but…for obvious reasons that absolutely did not pertain to the Blackest Night story itself. -Ahem- I’ve got enough reading to do without having to wrestle my way through some hugeass Crisis that completely flip-flops the way I understand things at the moment. If something changes, fine. I’ll find out later. Or just not worry about it because, who knows, it just might change back with the next Crisis.

    Ouch, tell me I’m not sounding crotchety about this fandom already. Hasn’t even been a year yet. Yikes.


      1. Haha! You got that right. Interestingly enough for me, I associate myself with people who have very different opinions about the same subjects. Makes things very interesting.

        And, actually, I’ve been contemplating creating my own little corner of the Internet, and blogging about my geekiness. I think, as someone who is still pretty new to it all, that I could put some interesting stuff on the table. We’ll see. :)


  3. Yeah I am dropping Brightest Day too! Not only can I not stand the Anti Monitor but I think it will read better in Trade. That way I can just skip around and read the stories I am into. Too many stories going on for a Bi-weekly, i just don’t have the attention span, or patience.


  4. Hah! I wonder if some of the retroactively delicious morcels of reference will pull you through, or some of the last truly awesome Supergirl. Bring back bad ass headband Supergirl, says I!

    I’ll be interested to read that eventual write-up!


  5. Damn it all to hell. I fired my web-shooter, but that sickening snap I heard confirms Gwen’s gone down the hard way.


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