I don’t roam into the Marvel Universe very often. I happen to really like X-Force, especially X-23. For a while now, I have been trying to think of someone who could hold their own against her. Then the mash-up came to me, Black Alice versus X-23!

Black Alice is wildly powerful with magic. She can gank the powers of any magical being that she’s laid eyes on including the likes of the Spectre and Wonder Woman. She has also proven to be naive and immature, often succumbing to emotionally-driven bad decisions.

X-23 is an expert martial artist who will kill you. I think she could own Lady Shiva. X-23’s heightened senses, healing factor, and pure skill might just give Black Alice one hell of a fight.

What say you?

7 thoughts on “Black Alice v. X-23

  1. Sorry, unless she has powers I don’t know of, X-23 could be beaten by lots of people. I mean, a quick rope tie artist could beat her (unless they have really raised her strength levels).

    This notion that super healing factor puts people like Wolverine and X-23 on uber levels doesn’t cut it. Yes, they may survive…but that doesn’t mean they can win. Yes, she might could beat Lady Shiva…a normal human with no enhanced senses/abilities/healing. But something with a grab bag of some of the most powerful beings?

    In this case, Black Alice can give herself almost any power. Teleport X-23 to the sun? Sure. Bind her in magic chains? Easy. Give herself super strength and bury X-23 under a rockslide? Cake. She basically can do a hundred things to X-23 before breakfast. In the end, X-23 has to be in H2H range, and has no travel powers. Depending on who she steals from, Alice has range and damage, not to mention the potential for super abilities outstripping X-23 (or worse, stealing from a magic user who knew spells that would sap X-23’s mutant powers…technically Dr. Fate could cast a spell to turn X-23’s adamantium hang nails into pixie sticks).

    X-23’s only chance is surprise or Alice being a dumb ass (which could definitely happen…but shouldn’t). And if we allow for surprise, Alice could just as easily cast any number of magics from a mile away without X-23 even knowing who did it.


  2. Good argument but, frankly, X-23’s speed and hellacious, innate desire to destroy anyone she comes up against would, to my mind, give her the advantage.


  3. GREAT points sghoul! But I am inclined to agree with Matt. Black Alice’s power is absurdly vast, but time and time again she makes errors in judgement. With all that damn power, Amanda Waller knocked her ass clean out.

    It would NOT have gone down like that with X-23. Waller would have been worm food.

    My idea with this versus thread was really to pit high-powered magic abilities with high-powered physical abilities.


  4. As we discussed offline, V, it depends on the venue. And on what BA ends up pulling. Depending on the writer and situation, BA can be pretty random. But we have no reason to believe it HAS to be random. She has chosen on purpose before. So, in a life or death situation, there isn’t much reason for her not to pull…say, Captain Marvel. Doing so would negate her normal emotional issues (she now has the Wisdom of Solomon dontcha know). And, if we are allowing DC/Marvel crossoverness, BA could theoretically pull from Marvel magic….Sorcerer Supreme anyone?

    Matt, X-23 is not a super speedster AFAIK. Any many magic spells don’t require aiming (with the exception of things like Ankh bolts). Many magic folk have force fields, yes Adamantium can cut through any material…force isn’t a material.

    What it comes down to is, that in comics, characters like Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable, X-23 are given great (and ludicrous) leeway because of some mystic unnamed power of ‘I’m supposed to be a badass, so I win’. The tried and true example being Lobo vs Wolverine. I don’t allow for that. That is Deus Ex Machina, not real fighting. Half a dozen magic folk have teleportation powers. You can’t fight your way back from the the Land of the Nightshades.

    And if we are gonna count X-23 tenacity and desire to destroy, we get to count BA’s total lack of value of life. To which I counter your nasty slashy claws with X-23’s head getting blown up, Scanner Style. And if it re-grows, BA will just pop it again…with relish.


  5. X-23 would definately win – everyone knows emotional decisions cloud judgment…and magic is historically based on emotion. Martial arts are based on discipline and meditation – which give X-23 an obvious advantage. :) I’d back martial arts over magic everytime. :)


  6. I can’t remember who said it (feeling it was Todd McFarlane actually) but magics as an ability is very difficult to write. It’s too easy for any scenario to be solved with a simple spell. Sometimes have parameters or limitations makes it the characters more interesting. X-23 can’t simply just cast a spell to find to find out where her opponent and then another spell to stop their heart or something like that.

    Anyway back onto topic . .
    In a straight down beatdown X-23.
    Any other scenario and BA would win a single comic panel.


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