It is no secret that the ladies of G3 love Secret Six. A key ingredient to the Six’s magic is the loopy and lovable Ragdoll. While charming as ever, make no mistake; he has no scruples making him particularly dangerous in a fight. His lunatic perception of reality fuel his absurd one-liners, and make for festive (and hilarious) pre-mortem conversation. Besides, I can’t help but love the guy who appreciates the fabulousness of Wonder Woman’s boots! Here are some of my favorite Ragdoll moments and quotes.

“If I’d known we might die, I would have done something filthy enough to shame the heavens as my last act.”

“I make it a rule to believe every ridiculous thing that comes out of a beautiful woman’s mouth.”

“Ack! It’s the All-Dead Atom! He’s the flying fetus of doom!”

“I’ve asked to be buried in a vat of taffy. Cinnamon, or Lemon-Lime.”

Ragdoll: “Oh, dear, not slavers! Why, that’s almost nearly the sort of kind of barely a little bit about half as bad as the murderers and despots we normally work for! And here I thought I’d had my scruples removed already.”
Scandal: “I believe that was your testicles, Mr. Merkel.”
Ragdoll: “Best decision I ever made, nasty little prunes they were, too!”

*Dragging an unconscious Wonder Woman along by her leg* – “Oh, it’s Santa Ragdoll, bringing stocking stuffers for those heterosexuals with enormous feet. Who ordered a busty meatloaf?”

One thought on “Friday Favorite: Ragdoll

  1. Whoa I just realized that some of my favorite Secret Six moments involved Rag Doll. Depths is the arc that made me fall in love with the Six <3 and Gail Simone who we all know is an honorary member.


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