Cover art by Dan LuVisi

Secret Six #22

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: J. Calafiore
DC Comics
Released: June 9, 2010

The comics that I deem “good” are the ones that really tug my emotions or shock the shit out of me. The final installment of the Secret Six “Cats in the Cradle” story arc was a full on jaw-dropper, kids. If you haven’t been reading, you need to grab the trade. I went back to issue #19 and read straight through. This story is intense, fast-paced and clever, and it will make you say, “Oh. My. God.” J. Calafiore’s art style works well for the characters, and his backgrounds add great dimension to the story. Jason Wright’s dark colors are a constant reminder that this ain’t the damn Justice League. Not that you’ll need to be reminded.

The issue takes us right back to Alice being possessed by the demon Estrogan on some ultra PMS rampage, picking a fight with Scandal … over Ragdoll. It’s kinda ridiculous. OK, it’s really ridiculous. Black Alice’s inception in Birds of Prey was so interesting and ripe with potential, but it just has not come to fruition. Or maybe, five years later, I just have a much lower tolerance for bratty teenagers. That’s certainly why Wonder Girl grinds my nerves. Whatever the case, her catfight with Scandal is mildly amusing, only because of Deadshot’s ambivalent spectator commentary.

While Gail is the queen of witty banter, and there is plenty in this scene; I just wanted more from Alice. She eventually gains control of her magic and immediately begins snotting herself. I rolled my eyes at Alice’s “emotional” revelation that she probably gave her father cancer by magic, but was pleased with her moment of maturity when she enlightened the “adults” on Catman’s state of mind.

Speaking of Catman’s state of mind, “Holy what the fucking shit!?!” as someone so eloquently put it on Twitter. I’m usually all for the major spoilage, but not this time, homies. You gotta see that mess for yo’ self. Cheshire’s homicidal, maniacal tendencies have caused one hell of a butterfly effect. Gail took it there.

Now, the question is: Where on Earth will she go next? I hope Alice has gone to master her “skills” or grow up or something, but she seems to be exiting scene. Cheshire is 38-hot to say the least, so will Jade finally get some screen time at Gail’s hand? Catman has blazed past the point of no return. The Usual Suspects – Scandal, Doll, and Deadshot are left to pick up the up the body parts. How is THAT confrontation gonna go? Let’s not forget; last time we saw Bane & Jeanette, they were merc’n with the likes of Dwarfstar, Giganta, Lady Vic, and King Shark. It’s a big bowl of “Holy what the fucking shit!?!” soup.

Whatever tumult is in store for the Six, it is apparently time to get off the teat, son.

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