4 thoughts on “Bigby Wolf v. Wolverine

  1. Ok…this is tough, mostly because I don’t know where Wolvie’s healing factor currently lies. But even if we put him at retarded levels (survived an atomic blast), I find it hard to see him beating Bigby.

    Wolvie is old, but Bigby is centuries if not millennia older. Both are skilled fighters, trackers, hunters, etc. but Bigby has been doing it a lot longer. Not to mention, Bigby has shown himself to be a cunning planner far beyond anything I have seen Logan do. And even when trapped in the body of a young girl, Bigby kicked ass!

    They both have accelerated healing. Mind you, depending on the time of day, which comic, and which writer, Logan’s changes. On the high end, I believe he far surpasses Bigby. But Bigby contains a X factor of his own. Being a fable, and a powerful one at that, we have no idea how survivable he is. Long ago he survived being cut open, stuffed with rocks and thrown in a river….and I believe he has gotten nothing if not more powerful since then.

    On top of all that, Bigby has shape shifting and control over the winds. While Logan has cut through anything claws, it doesn’t really help him much more than regular claws. Neither of them has super armor that needs to be cut through. So they both should be able to cut each other equally.

    I think if Logan is on his high end of the healing scale, this would be an ugly fight. But in the end, Bibgy would eventually blow Logan into the stratosphere, or a volcano, or into the arctic.


    1. I agree with you Kev. Even with Wolverine’s healing factor, Bigby would own his face … somewhere in the North Pole or some shiz. And Bigby would still be sittin’ in Wolf Valley playing with his kids.


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