Alas, the movement to cast Donald Glover as the next big-screen Spider-Man fell short, though not for lack of trying. V. and I were among the many “Community” fans who thought it would have been a stroke of genius to have Glover play everynerd/superhero Peter Parker in the forthcoming reboot. However, British actor Andrew Garfield has nabbed the role. OK, fine. He’s certainly got the traditional Peter Parker-y look, and though I have yet to see Garfield in anything, legitimate sources say that he is funny (something a young Spider-Man should be) and talented. That’s a good sign.

I hope the Glover campaign wasn’t completely for naught, though. Maybe the studio will at least offer him a juicy supporting role, or perhaps he’ll now be a serious contender to play another movie hero. The main argument against his casting was that a black Spider-Man might confuse people, but I don’t see how. Young, brilliant man bitten by radioactive spider. Develops super powers. Puts on tights. Fights crime. Where’s the confusion?

What’s your take on Garfield’s casting? Who should play Mary Jane? Aunt Mae? (Helen Mirren in the house!) Do you even care about this franchise?

5 thoughts on “New Spidey: What Say Ye?

  1. So, I have nothing against Garfield, especially since right now I really don’t know him at all. However, my husband pointed out that they were talking about rebooting with someone younger, supposedly so a few movies down the road Peter Parker wouldn’t have to age too much, and Garfield is not much older than Maguire at the start of the last Spiderman set, so how different will it be? Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see it, as for the other parts, I haven’t thought that far yet.

    Girls Are Geeks


  2. I think the reboot is silly to begin with. It’s only been a few years since the last one.

    But that’s mostly me being snarky about this trend of “opps, we screwed up…lets reboot!”


  3. Don’t much care who plays who…well, let’s get a redhead to play a redhead ( and no snaggletooth this time please!) and a blonde to play a blonde this time if you are casting MJ and Gwen!! Other than that, Peter, MJ and May do not have a whole lot of depth. Anyone who can act can play these roles….my concern is story!

    I collected Spidey from issue 200 to about shortly after Brand New Day and was fed up with the direction it was going. I have also been fed up with the movies. How hard is it to take something so simple and not screw it up? You have awesome source material that can be updated for today, and still keep Peter a genius….but no, we have to make the webbing organic and blah blah blah….sorry, I get on rants when it comes to Spidey…

    If you are doing a reboot, do what Iron Man and Batman are doing. Take elements from the source material and the Ultimate universe, bring ’em together, stop killing villains off and just have some fun!!!


  4. I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic, and the rumor mill has suggested that the Bendis version will form the basis of a new movie. That would be cool, but … like sghoul said, it seems too soon. Rosalind also makes a good point about Garfield’s age. He’s 26, so if they’re planning on making more than one movie (especially if they’re going back to high school), the clock is ticking.


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