I simply can not shake my curiosity! Thank you to DC Women Kicking Ass for sparking my obsessive tendencies. ;-)

The image below was in the back of EVERY DC book that I purchased yesterday. I must know WHO THIS IS!

The art screams J.H. Williams III. With the much-anticipated Batwoman book on the horizon, some have speculated that it is Alice. But Williams said in an interview that, out of respect for his Detective Comics collaborator Greg Rucka, he has no intention of using that character. I get the impression that he and Rucka are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, so I don’t think he’d go back on his word. Maybe DC made him. I doubt it.

There is an obvious suspension bridge in the background, so the setting could be San Francisco, where the lovely, raven-haired Zatanna hails from. Maybe Williams is doing a cover for the Zee book. Then again, it might be the Brooklyn Bridge. Madame Xanadu is in NYC. With the rumors of her imminent doom at Vertigo, has DC already inserted her into main continuity? The issue with both of those theories is that the art depicts a dark-eyed woman. I realize the image isn’t in color, but I’ve seen some of Williams’ other black and white pencils, and he clearly conveys light eyes. Zee and Madame X have blue and green eyes, respectively. Our darling Kate Kane is also green-eyed, and so is her twin, Alice.

The only other theory I got is that it could be Renee Montoya. That gives us the Batwoman connection. But Renee never dresses like that, not even when she’s in her jammies. She’s a beater-and-panties kind of chick.

If you’ve got any ideas, I’d love to know what they are.

3 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. It appears to me that she might a ghost/spirit of some kind V… Maybe that’s a clue…


  2. I thought it was annie for a second, from return of bruce wayne but then I noticed the san fran bridge. I don’t know why but I love Annie <3


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