He’s saucy to the tenth power in a gritty-I’ll-kick-your-ass kind of way. Despite his tough exterior and hot temper, he’s got a heart of gold. He’s the guy you want as your best friend. I’d say Kyle Rayner is one lucky mofo.

Guy Gardner is what the kids call a good time. I imagine him with a ring in one hand and a drink in another. His brash personality and general trash talking makes me wanna toss back a few with him at some random space bar. It’d be a hell of a good time with plenty of belly laughs. I’d bet the bar tab on it. After we got good and toasty, I’d have to talk to him about his accessorizing technique. Look, I know the haircut is an ode to a childhood hero, but those gloves and boots have got to go. While we were on the subject, I’d tell him to nudge his BFF in the direction of a new mask.

Someone recently asked me if there were any characters that I would follow in a book without consideration to writer or artist. The only character that came to mind in the moment was Wonder Woman. Later, I remembered that I added Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors to my pull list the moment I heard the book was about Guy. It’s just icing that the book also focuses on Kilowag, and Peter Tomasi is writing it. I’m getting the book because Guy is the star. Anyhows, I am stoked. But how much more fun would Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors be if it were a Vertigo book? Just sayin’.

I leave you with a few Guy Gardner quotes to add some festivity to your Friday.

“… pug-ugly, red-faced barbarians with an ax to grind don’t grow on trees! And hell, kicking your ass every once in awhile never gets old! You complete me, Bolly!” — Guy to Bolphunga the Unrelenting

“Let’s light up this son of a bitch like a Christmas tree.”

“Your local forecast is a fist-storm with an increasing chance of hospitalization.”

“Ya gotta be kidding me — green, yellow, red, blue, violet — it’s like Walt Disney threw up — what the hell’s going on out there?”

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Guy Gardner

  1. V – Great post! Guy Gardner is ’bout the coolest, toughest guy in comics. If you ever go back issue diving, check out the early issues of “Guy Gardner: Warrior” by Beau Smith. The link below explains most of the details. His original vision was to show why Guy Gardner was a bad ass even without the ring. Sort of ass-kicking Indiana Jones in the DC Universe. It’s DC that later made him give Guy superpowers again.


    Good comics worth the time for Guy Gardner lovers!


  2. All other things aside, I have to ask: is “ass” a word deemed unsuitable for US comic books, and is “@$$” a way to sneak it into the dialogue? Or did they just write it that way to make it look kewl? (hey, I’m not American so what do I know?)


  3. Honestly, I never really did like Guy Gardner. When Batman punched him in the nose I cheered. I think it was because of his bowl cut. I had once been subjected to a bowl cut, and Guy brought back painful memories.


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