8 thoughts on “Hit-Girl v. Huntress

      1. I thought that crop looked familiar. :P

        Honestly, though I can’t really say without being totally biased because I’ve never seen Kick-Ass, so my knowledge on Hit-Girl is very limited. But everyone else does have good points.


  1. I find this an interesting match up, because of how similar the two are. Huntress being one of the more hardcore fighters in DC, and Hit-Girl being totally hardcore. Both have major issues with the mob. Both use blacks and purples in their outfits.

    Now, most folks are gonna give it to Huntress based on size. But, seeing as Hit-girl pretty much ONLY fights adults (and easily wins) I don’t see that as an automatic gimme. Hit-Girl’s arsenal is also vastly more deadly (guns, blades, grenades, you name it). Mind you, Huntress does have her little bows. But I give the edge to a mutli round firearm here.

    In hand to hand…not sure. Helena would have the advantage in strength. But hit-girl was raised as a fighting killer. And Helena has typically not been able to stand toe to toe with folks of that caliber. Especially when their goal isn’t to beat you, but you out and out death.

    Add into the mix that I think most DC heroes would have a hard time brutalizing a child…and if Helena didn’t know what she was up against…I mean, who is prepared for a child to be so casually prepared to go straight for a kill shot…

    So, if we are talking surprise alley fight, I give it to Hit-Girl. If we are talking about some prepared area duel, then I think it could go either way. In the end i am giving it to the more hardcore.


    1. I agree with all that Kev. Although, after the shock of Hit-Girl being a kid wore off (as in Helena got hit HARD), I think Huntress would bring it.

      It’s a wildly inappropriate fight. Love it. Oooooh!!!! What about Damien Wayne v. Hit-Girl? That would be hilarious.


  2. I love me some Huntress, but remember that Helena is a school teacher who has a soft spot for children. I think her initial hesitation would give Hit-Girl a short-term advantage.


    1. Agreed. Love Helena & Huntress like everything, but she does have a soft spot for kids so I’d have to give it to Hit-girl on that fact alone; be a serious advantage for her. If not for that I’d so give it to Helena even if she did lose because hey, how can you not love her! :)


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