Ever have those moments when you’re getting your geek on as usual, and then something so ridiculous/inexplicable appears that you can only scratch your head and say, “What the fuck?” Yep; that’s what we thought. It happens to us all the time, so in the spirit of sharing, Girls Gone Geek is launching a new feature we like to call WTF Wednesday. Yeah, we know it’s Tuesday, but V. and I had such a giggle fit over our gallery of entries that we couldn’t contain ourselves until mid-week. For your enjoyment, we present the following:


You want cosplay? You can’t handle Batman’s cosplay, baby! Apparently feeling restricted by his mid-century black-and-gray ensemble, Bats went over the rainbow in Detective Comics #241 and got himself a Skittles-inspired wardrobe. So many moods, so little time. This cover, like many early Batman-related covers, is pure WTF genius: First, there’s Robin’s Captain Obvious routine. But what really takes it over the top is Batman’s grim determination — his commitment — to wear a different-colored costume every night. “Screw you and your primary-colored frippery, Superman! I’m bringing the hotness to the JLA, and we both know it.”

I have no idea what this issue is about, and it doesn’t matter. If loving *Hot Pink Batman is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

*I don’t care what Robin says. That ain’t red.

7 thoughts on “When Comics Make You Say, ‘WTF?’

  1. Obvious Gay connotations; Batman “Must wear” a different colored costume every night as the evil Rainbow Syndicate has threatened to take Robin out and… Ouch!

    Or maybe Batman is being Blackmailed by some evil feminist org. who, wants Batman to get in touch with his feminine side? hmmm?

    I don’t know but, your post has now got me curious. …and No, not “That” curious. :)


  2. Erika, I am joyous that I have a partner-in-geek who has the best sense of humor ever. THIS SHIT IS HILARITY … IN ALLLL CAAAAPPPPZZZZZ!!!!!

    Curious, where does Batman keep his different colored leggings? They are not included in the lovely multi-colored mannequin display. Perhaps Robin has them folded nicely in the Batcave armoire complete with cinnamon scented drawer sachets.


  3. @E. – Ahahaha, I know. I mean, I can see Batman putting on his Pink suit when, he looks up to see Robin looking kinda “queer”. So Batman says; “there ain’t no pot of gold at the end of This rainbow, Robin”. Ah, Ahh, Ahhhahahaha! Hilarious!

    @Vanessa – I definitely concur. Erika has a Great sense of humor, and an eye for comedy. However, it’s not that Robin has Batman’s pants. It’s that Alfred is repairing a certain Hole in them. …I mean, “why do you think he wears a cape?” Ah, Ahh, Ahhhahahaha!

    You girls are the real superheroes. What a great post. It’s been a while since I’ve laugh this hard. Thank You! And keep those post coming.


  4. There was a book about 10 years ago on Batman in which the writer spent a long chapter discussing gay readings of Batman, the bulk of which was devoted to this cover. It seems to me nothing more than a printer’s error. In the actual story the outfit is definitely red, not like the pink on the cover.

    The answer puzzle posed by the cover (why is Batman wearing all those oddly colored outfits) is actually pretty elegant. Dick Grayson had injured his arm saving a girl from a fall. Batman wore the different uniforms so that everybody would be concentrating on him and not paying any attention to Robin.


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