The ladies of Girls Gone Geek are hitting the road today for a giddy, Starbucks-fueled journey to Dragon*Con in Atlanta. While not as well known as SDCC or Baltimore Comic-Con, Dragon*Con is the largest science fiction/pop culture convention in North America — and it’s produced by fans. It’s also a hell of a good time, and if you’re anywhere near the ATL this Labor Day weekend, you should check it out.

Among the notables who will be in the house this year are Stan Friggin’ Lee, Darwyn Cooke, Paul Dini, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and the venerable George Perez. And those are just the comics track guests. V. is ecstatic that various True Blood cast members will be on the premises, as will the Venture Brothers and many more. (My son’s head might explode if he finds out that Brandon Routh — his Superman — will be there.)

Girls Gone Geek will be quieter than usual over the coming days while V. and I tackle the Con.  We’ll be back with plenty of observations and photos. In the meantime, below are a few images from last year’s Dragon*Con, which was tons of fun. For more (and better) pictures from ’09, check out Once Upon a Geek’s gallery.

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