It’s an understatement to say that the venerable Teen Titans title has fallen on hard times recently. However, the new creative team of J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott will take the reigns starting with issue #88. We adore Scott’s work, and while Krul’s The Rise of Arsenal reeked, we know he’s written good stuff, including the Ravager miniseries that was published inside Teen Titans. But is this promising announcement enough to get you reading this comic again?

5 thoughts on “New Teen Titans Team: Do You Care?

  1. I’ve just finished the last of Sean McKeever’s Teen Titans trade, and it’s unfortunate just how much momentum this series has lost. Based on reviews I’ve read, I’m inclined to skip the Felicia Henderson volume entirely — but, JT Krul’s Blackest Night: Titans was pretty good, as was his in-Teen Titans Blackest Night crossover chapter with Ravager and Deathstroke. So, inasmuch as I’m down on Teen Titans right now, I’m inclined to check out Krul’s first volume, at least; the art gives me a bit of pause, but I’ll try it.


  2. I truly loved this book back when Geoff Johns was writing it. It’s one of my favorite things that he’s done, and I liked McKeever’s stuff pretty well. But man, this series went over a cliff in a major way, didn’t it? The Henderson stories just didn’t move me at all. I’m a big fan of Nicola Scott’s art, and I’m willing to give Krul a few issues before I make a decision.


  3. I loved Geoff Johns work on the series. I also enjoyed McKeever’s stories, once he found his feet. The other writers have been pretty lackluster. As was mentioned here already, JT Krul’s Blackest Night Titans mini-series and Ravager issue were great! I mean really, really great! It was pretty shocking how terrible his Arsenal stuff was. I’m hopeful that his regular Titans stories will be good. I imagine he won’t stick with a status quo, meaning that the team he starts with will probably look very different by the end of his run. I like that sense of not knowing. McKeever was also very good about keeping us wondering who would be on the team.

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