Warning: The image below is probably NSFW or, at the very least, TSFW (Too Spicy for Work).

To put it mildly, V. and I are not comics prudes, and we’ve probably had more R-rated conversations about Bigby Wolf and Mr. Terrific (not together, though that would be interesting) than most fangirls. But we also have kids who read comics, so we’re pretty vigilant about making sure they don’t wander into the Inappropriate Aisle.

Now, when the average person thinks of the Justice League of America comic, chances are that s/he isn’t filing it under under “Things to keep out of Junior’s hands.” As an LCS regular, however, I’m rarely surprised to see adult themes in mainstream, marquee titles. But back in 2007, JLA #27 shocked the hell out of me with an intimate, lavishly illustrated Hawkgirl/Hawkman … collaboration. Go tell Junior to finish reading The Incredibles while the adults are talking.

Super Friends, indeed!

It should be noted that Hawkgirl was, in fact, having sex with Red Arrow while dreaming of her winged counterpart, so … damn. Sorry, Roy. (Plus, how does flight sex work? Can you navigate the skies safely while doing that?)

This is undeniably an arresting, beautiful page, thanks to Ed Benes. And I understand that this encounter takes place between two adult superheroes doing what adults (super or not) often do. But I’m not going to lie. It’s jarring to see such an explicit scene in the frickin’ Justice League of America, a comic that many people would assume to be appropriate for a 10-year-old. And it’s not like it came with any kind of “mature content” warning, either. C’mon DC; save that kind of bump ‘n grind for Magog (I kid).

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a cold pitcher of water with my name on it.

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