We all know women (or men) who, despite showing excellent judgment in every other aspect of their lives, continue putting up with a loser significant other. It doesn’t matter now many times the loser SO confirms that s/he is a horse’s ass. The longsuffering partner will continue to forgive the offending party and, worse, take him or her back.


This familiar scenario was taken to the extreme in the fall of 2007, when our girl Dinah consented to marry off-on squeeze and very bad boy Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Her acceptance monologue was an amazing feat of rationalization, especially under the circumstances in Black Canary #4. In an effort to save Dinah and her beloved adopted daughter Sin from the League of Assassins, Ollie orchestrated a plan that involved faking Sin’s death and having his son, Connor, escort her to a secluded monastery. He allowed Dinah to believe that Sin had been killed so that her grief would appear authentic to the League. She not only forgave Ollie for this act, but also spun some bullshit about how, after a lifetime of selfishness, he finally did something decent.

Dinah: “You ask me to marry you, and I keep waiting for the playboy to rear his ugly head. And then you go and pull this with Sin. You could’ve just rescued her and had me. Instead, you throw away our future for the good of a little girl you hardly know.”

Ollie: “All I needed to know is that you would give your life for her.”

Dinah: “Exactly. For once, Ollie wasn’t even part of the equation.”

Ow. My brain hurts.

This was an utterly ridiculous, callous move to get rid of an inconvenient character and pave the way for a wedding that Black Canary fans didn’t want. The only way to “save” Sin was to send her packing, essentially erasing her from Dinah’s life? Sure, there was some lip service about visits and long-distance parenting, but come on now. I don’t blame writer Tony Bedard for any of this, which has “editorial dictate” written all over it.

For several issues of this miniseries and Birds of Prey, we saw Dinah talk about how dearly she loved Sin, an interesting character who was discovering childhood after years of being raised to kill. I was looking forward to seeing how Dinah would juggle single motherhood with superheroics, and her fellow Birds would have made excellent aunties. But then BoP was cancelled, and everything began to revolve around getting Dinah and Ollie to the altar. I guess the wedding special was kind of cute, but the ensuing comic, Green Arrow/Black Canary was not. And as we’ve pointed out before, Dinah’s marriage to Ollie has often undermined her swagger. Since I hate Ollie just a tiny bit less than V. does, I will admit that he has a certain rakish charm, and archers are inherently sexy. But considering this relationship’s troubled history and his well-documented issues with monogamy, their continued coupling seems forced and pointless.

I’m holding out hope that Sin will make a return (For a moment, I thought she was White Canary, despite the age gap), and that Dinah will either find her voice in this marriage or wash her hands of this bad romance for good.

7 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday: Sin-Less

  1. “I was looking forward to seeing how Dinah would juggle single motherhood with superheroics, and her fellow Birds would have made excellent aunties.”

    That made me tear up just a little. How awesome would THAT have been? A superhero single mom … I wish.

    You already know what my vote is in regards to their marriage. Dinah needs to wash her hands of that fool. He’s a shitty character, and an even shittier husband. DIVORCE PLEASE!


  2. Aw, Ollie’s not a bad guy… a lousy choice for a husband, maybe, he can’t keep it in his tights, but that actually makes him more believable as a character (unfortunately!).

    I was wondering about Sin, and I agree it would have been great to have her grow up amongst the Birds… but I got a warning bell when she was first introduced, thought they might have trouble making it work. Another young girl raised to be lethal? Batgirl didn’t work out so well.


  3. We are very hard on Ollie! I think I’d like him more if he just stuck with the player thing instead of worming his way back into Dinah’s life. As for Sin, I became attached to the character and foolishly hoped she’d stick around. I guess the door is open for her to return at any time. Sigh.


  4. Ollie really does love her, he killed over Dinah in The Longbow Hunters…he’s just a slave to his passions. It’s a major flaw. And, yes, Dinah could and should do better. He’s not the worst partner/husband in comics, though – date Matt Murdock and you’re either dead or driven mad, and he cheats on you! How the Widow survived is beyond me!

    Sin actually troubled me as an idea… I’m weird like that, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of small children (especially girls, which is my hang-up, I grant you) being brainwashed and trained to kill – I just can’t see how it would end well. Seriously, there’s childhood trauma, and then there’s Sin! But then, maybe I get too serious – I hate Deadpool, a wise-cracking comedic mass-murderer that kids love! That’s just WRONG!


  5. Mark, you’re right that he’s not the worst mate that comics have to offer. There are some who make Ollie look like Prince Charming — like the late Prince Charming himself in Fables! You have the discomfort with Sin that I initially had with Damian, but the little sucker has grown on me.


  6. If there is any thing comics have taught us it is that any thing is possible. How do we know that Sin is not a clone of several League members merged into one. Some of the characters from BOP may come back and leave with other characters to help train the newly found youths with powers.


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