In case you hadn’t noticed, E. and I are pretty good friends; the best of friends actually. While much of our time is spent discussing comics, we, of course, talk about other things. Mrs. Peterman is a happily married gal; I, on the other hand, am unattached, which usually makes me the provocateur of some rather juicy conversation with my girl. During one of our customary brainstorming sessions, I mentioned that I hadn’t done a versus poll in a little while. E. suggested Batman and Catman. Given Blake’s penchant for random nudity, and Bruce’s just general sexiness, that pretty much sent me into an objectification tailspin, which I promptly incited my friend to join in on. The conversation went thusly:

Me: “Whoa. Girl. I like that idea! If the guys can have Starfire, we can have this … in boxer briefs.”

E: “It’d be like watching mud-wrestling, and it would be fantastic.”

Me: “Shirtless mud-wrestling.”

I’m thinking fictional characters and celebrities are fair game to lust after, and we are especially fond of actors dressed like superheroes. Recently topics covered include the yum sauce poured all over Chris Evans as Captain America, festive objectification of Ryan Reynolds and Nick Jones as Green Lanterns, and Dick Grayson as Nightwing is generally a revolving fantasy.

In the spirit of cheesecake, HAWTNESS, and my fiery … um … inclinations, I give you Batman v. Catman … shirtless.

13 thoughts on “Batman v. Catman

  1. Horrible,horrible,horrible. And starfire?psh. Give me Black Canary and the New Batgirl in a cage match. We can toss Bruce in with just the cowl as special guest referee just for you though.


  2. Just to be the thunder stealer that I am, I think this fight would go thusly:

    Both combatants would growl at each other. Then they would address the reader, Deadpool style, and say “Sorry Ladies. We’re not just some pieces of meat, here to fight for your amusement.” They they skip away from the frame, hand in hand.


  3. You’re down?! You’re in the gutter! Do your neighbours know about this voyeurism? They’d best keep those curtains drawn…


  4. …and shirtless mud-wrestling, as I recall. But I do live in a glass house, so I’d best hold fire. Batman wins… DKR, he knows his way around a mud-pool!


    1. I can see that… what do they call that dodgy fan-fiction? ‘Slash’? I wonder if a Google would turn up any with your names on ’em… can’t bring myself to look, I’m easily shocked!


  5. The Bat would win-in so many different ways….he would defiantly squeeze a win and over the Cat…as well seeing her shirtless is a win all by its self…


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