So the first footage from the upcoming Green Lantern film is out and there’s a whole lot of quipping and green blasty stuff happening. Ryan Reynolds is his usual charming self, and he looks like he’s having a great time. Of course, geeks appear to be divided over whether the clip looks amazing or cheesy. Since this is all we have to go on for the moment, what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Green Lantern Lights It Up

  1. Not too impressed yet. Still bothers me that Ryan Reynolds is acting like Kyle Rayner, but supposed to be Hal Jordan. Kyle is funny, creative, and somewhat unsure of himself. Hal is 110% confident, a ladies man, straight-forward action hero, and fairly boring. That’s just the Jordan-hater in me. I wish Kyle had been given a chance on the big screen instead.

    **Cue Terry telling me how Kyle is just as boring as Hal**

    The Irredeemable Shag


  2. Hard to tell much, but I like it. I’ll be glad if they don’t go the Hal Jordan route. That route was one of my least favorite things about the GL animated movie.

    Also, the 5 frames of Killowog make me happy :)


  3. I thought it was almost laughably bad. I mean, the movie might still be fine, but the pants line was terrible, the special effects looked terrible and it overall looked pretty damned terrible. Hopefully it was just Entertainment Tonight sucking, but I dunno.


  4. I’m refusing to watch any and all teasers. A trailer will probably be unavoidable at some point. But, I’m with everyone else on the Kilowog factor … any movie with Kilowog in it, I’m going to see.

    Another thing to consider, in movies with vast amounts of CGI such as this, they go thru MULTIPLE iterations and fine-tuning. Whatever they released to ET was a rough draft.


  5. Of course, I will go see this, even with the … interesting CGI. I’d bet money that RR will play Hal Jordan as more of a funny, Rayner-esque Green Lantern. That’s OK with me, because I’m only slightly more interested in Jordan than I am in basket weaving. But if you like Hal as he appears in the comics, that’s problematic. Couldn’t we just have a movie about Killowog?


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