Reignbow and Dee-Va are a heroic duo made in feather boa, MAC counter heaven. This sparkling romp of a comic, written by the seriously nice Brian Anderson (So Super Duper) and illustrated by Celina Hernandez, is as fun as it is unambiguous. The male half of the team, Reignbow, is flamboyantly out and proud, and he’s not above busting some Madonna dance moves while beating down bad guys, like homophobic vampires. “Brown sugar mama” Dee-Va is his best gal pal, and let’s just say you don’t want to cross a woman who can injure you with some bangles.

I discovered the first issue purely by accident last year, so I literally clapped my hands with excitement when the newest R&D story, “Homos (and Friends) at the Beach,” dropped recently. It’s even cheekier than the first, and there’s a new wrinkle: Reignbow’s boyfriend, Treasure, is acting weird. Like, straight weird. He’s using words like “dude,” and since things have not been jumping in the boudoir lately, Reignbow wonders if it’s because — horror of horrors — he’s lost his looks. Dee-Va’s reassuring response is classic:

“Get out! Honey child, he’s not interested in sex? With you? How can that be? I’d give my left nip to have you tag me once.”

Now THAT, dear reader, is friendship.

Andersen infuses Reignbow and Dee-Va with plenty of those bawdy, spit-out-your-Diet-Coke moments, and Hernandez is perfect for the assignment. Her style is candy-coated and playful, and I love the panels where the characters’ faces go all anime or Saturday-morning-cartoon “Zoinks!”

One of my favorite sequences is where Dee-Va persuades a crestfallen Reignbow to reclaim his mojo by strutting, runway-style, on the beach. That’s even before an evil Siren and some zombies show up. And all air-kisses and hip-swiveling aside, Reignbow and Deeva will kick that ass, in grand style. If Kurt and Mercedes from “Glee” were martial arts-trained heroes, their comic book might look a lot like this.

Seriously, why haven’t you read this comic already? Head on over to Andersen’s website for a preview of R&D and his other equally delightful books. I am already jonesing for issue #3. Bring on the glitter!

4 thoughts on “Reignbow and Dee-Va: Fierce!

  1. Not sure what to make of this! Somewhere between ‘Buffy’ ‘Rocky Horror’,and ‘Army of Darkness’? What makes this duo dynamic? Powers, martial arts moves… fashion sense? I miss the old days… you knew where you were with insanely complicated conspiracy stories, weird science, and plenty of ultra-violence…


  2. I think the Buffy/Rocky Horror mashup is close to being accurate. What I love about comics now is how there is truly something for everyone. On the other hand, I miss being able to buy four of them for $2.


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