We’re wrapping up our celebration of Mayfairstivus, in honor of the MC Hammer-era Mayfair DC role-playing game. While I’m not much of an RPG gal, it’s been fun to scan the “stats” of some of our favorite characters and the, um, whimsical illustrations. Take Catwoman, who looks a lot more like Mousewoman here if you ask me. Note her “minor irrational attraction to Batman.”

Catwoman's Stats

Next is Raven, who looks like she’s been working out. A lot.


Raven's Stats

Black Adam has looked better. Is than an S-Curl?


Black Adam's Stats

Want more? Check out the list of other comics bloggers who are taking part in Mayfairstivus by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Mayfairstivus Finale

  1. Mousewoman is about right, and what is with all the awkward poses on these cards? Did they just have self-conscious interns serve as models?

    I want to be Gym Rat Raven when I grow up. School has made me far to reliant on the comfort Twinkie. Er, in this specific context, I should point out that I mean the trans-fat rich snack cake, not Jericho.

    Look at Black Adam’s card. Now start playing “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” in your head. Be sure to substitute Beyoncé with, like, a thick Omar Sharif accent.


  2. Given all the silly and minor ‘drawbacks’ for these characters (marriage was Big Barda’s drawback), how did Raven not have ‘Daddy-issues with Satan-like father’ listed as a drawback?


  3. @Frank: The poses are just strange enough to be disturbing. And thanks for making me spit out my coffee re: Black Adam.
    @Methane: Dude, you are absolutely spot-on. That woman is gonna be in therapy for a long, long time.


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