As part of our ongoing campaign for DC to make Wonder Woman and Batman a proper supercouple, V. and I are launching the Girls Gone Geek Twelve Days of BatWondy. We’re of the opinion that these two are perfect for one another, and after so many moments of innuendo and imagined make-out sessions, it’s time to close the deal. There is only so much teasing a fangirl can stand.

This first wordless image, by Amilcar Pinna, is one of my favorites. It conveys their personalities (Bruce stoic; Diana regal) and their heroism while implying togetherness. I can imagine Diana saying, “Sorry I’m late, dearest. Cheetah. Your plane or mine?” Gorgeous.

12 thoughts on “Twelve Days of BatWondy!

  1. She used to some… Goddess of Truth? – and she has a magic lassoo, not to mention a right cross like a side-winder… it’s a nightmare, spend any amount of intimate time around her and she’d be able to see right through you. Good thing Bats is insanely disciplined, best not to even check out a stranger’s legs, let alone cheat on her!


  2. I was thinking and thinking of what this nifty image of Batman and Wonder Woman reminded me of, and then I remembered!
    It reminds me of this one by mlpeters on Deviant Art. Scope it out it is also rather lovely and romantic. :)



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