I have heard the cases against a Batman/Wonder Woman union. While some may have their valid points, I remain unconvinced. There is no other potential comic book hook-up hotter than Bruce and Diana.

Imagine it! They would finally able to awaken the fire they’ve had for each other all along. Diana’s feminine confidence could move the mountain of suppressed emotions in Bruce. Perhaps it would start something like this …

20 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Batwondy …

  1. It has to be Bruce — both Dick and Tim are shorter than Diana. Plus Diana’s altered time line didn’t start until after Bruce’s return in the DCU.

    Great campaign ladies an we at the Batman Wonder Woman Forum support you with all our hearts and souls. They would be so hot together.


  2. To be honest I’ve been a huge, huge Batman Wonder Woman supporter for a long, long time. There is just so much chemestry there that it would be wasted for a relationship not to be explored. I would love to see something happen. Hell I would be happy with an alternate universe (such as Marvel’s M2 universe) in which Diana and Bruce explore a relationship. (Not to mention how they would juggle anything serious that might come from it.) All we can do is send millions upon millions of emails straight to the respected heads of DC (Those over Batman, Wonder Woman, and of course over DC in general) showing our support. (Hell if it worked on getting the Hobbit movie into greenlight it should work for this!)


  3. I support this totally and love the idea of it, as do my buds at our site!
    (Gothamazon, Daisyjane,Lord F)
    I hope this gets steam, because Diana and Bruce are stellar together! : )

    Thanks ever so for doing this!


  4. I always though Zatanna and Batman would have made a good pairing too (under the pen of Paul Dini), until that whole mind wipe incident in Identity Crisis. That could be a relationship breaker right there.


  5. V., you sound just like Luke Skywalker when Han is teasing about Leia… ‘Do you suppose a guy like me, and her…?’ ‘NO.’ I’m sure it’s just sisterly concern for dear Bruce…


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