Hera bless the Internets. While DC isn’t ready to commit to BatWondy, fans of this superpairing sure are  — and they’ve got the fan art to prove it. These two have inspired quite a bit of creativity, and we’ve culled some of the best for your viewing pleasure. This Photoshopped image from The Heretics Blog, which also pokes fun at celebrity culture, is a cheeky delight, Batman’s smug/sexy facial expression says it all. I think this scenario would make a great Justice League subplot. Imagine Bruce and Diana dodging the press and being coy with their colleagues: “Clark, I’m in the Batcave all the time on official JLA business, and we heroes don’t work banker’s hours. Just because you saw me leaving the Wayne mansion this morning doesn’t mean anything.”


12 thoughts on “On the Third Day of BatWondy …

  1. It’s a nice pic! Of course Bats is smiling, when you’re dating Wonder Woman, you want people to know – it’s not like she’ll suddenly become a target for his enemies! Public perception-wise, he got the best of the deal. Hal and Ollie, eat your hearts out!


  2. I’m thoroughly digging the art, but haven’t Bruce and Diana already gone down that road? I’m thinking particularly of the pages of JLA, starting with a kiss in the Obsidian Age and culminating in issue #90. Also, if Bruce embraced a loving, emotionally supportive relationship, would he still be an effective Batman?


  3. Drew, I think he can still be an effective Batman when he’s in a loving, emotionally supportive relationship. In fact, he’d be the 70s and 80s Batman, the tough guy who doesn’t hesitate to say thank you and tell them he cares. I read pre COIE Batman books, and I wish that he was still around. The good thing abt Bruce returning now is that he’s more sensitive and not afraid of showing that he cares. And Diana is to me the perfect woman to encourage him to maintain that attitude.


  4. They never truly resolved anything so as to leave the door open if they wanted to return to BMWW some day. BNWW#2 kind of opened the door and showed that WW still had some unresolved feelings for Bruce. I find the whole he needs to be unhappy to be a good Batman to be a load of crap. Seriously the more unhappy he is the more he heads toward paranoia and becoming a bit of a sociopath. Then we end up with Brother Eye and OMACs and a huge mess. Everyone needs love and a sense of belonging even Batman.

    Great job ladies and keep those BMWW fires burning.


  5. Totally agree with Gothamazon and Daisyjane. Bruce is even hugging folks now that he’s back from the great beyond! I think he can still be the Dark Knight as a man in love. I am a hopeless romantic. Excellent perspectives all around, though.


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