… V. is still thinking about Diana and Bruce kissing. I must have been swayed by all the BatWondy tabloid propaganda. Don’t judge me!

With the tonnage of being super-heroes weighing on their respective shoulders, this moment of whimsy is adorable to the tenth power. I love how Wonder Woman demurely floats in to lock lips with her man. Bruce still has his stoic swag fully intact, aside from the cape gripping, of course. Hints of passion like that happen to be all kinds of sexy. Me thinks he likes it … maybe he even loves it.

P.S. This makes me miss the classic Wonder Woman costume SO MUCH!

8 thoughts on “On the Fourth Day of BatWondy …

  1. Girl power for comics! AWESOME!!
    By the way, am all for the BatWondy thing. ^.^ Most have been said regarding the pairing but just wanted to show my support. xx


  2. Hrm, I figure Wondy is the type to pin him to the wall. The floaty image doesn’t really suit her IMO. But it is well drawn I’ll give ‘ya that.


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