11 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of BatWondy …

  1. I hadn’t had time to stop by and comment, so real quick: No.

    Also, no.

    Plus, no.

    By the way, no.

    On the other hand, at least it’s not Superman

    And yet, no.

    See also: A thousand times no.


  2. The image would have been ten million times better if Bruce was staring back at our princess instead of staring over his crime ridden city! :( But I still love the image because it has them both in it. :)


  3. Despite only seeing her in JLA/JSA cross-overs and the handful of Wonder Woman issues I purchased, Huntress was one of my favorite characters as a kid in the 80’s. If Huntress had been the headliner and Wonder Woman the backup I would have purchased every issue. So I’m afraid Catwoman is my favorite Batman pairing.

    That said, a Batman/Wonder Woman matchup certainly could be fun!


  4. Now I think that is the proper height comparison between the two, lol. By action figures no less, DC Direct must have measured them personally. ;)


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