On the Fifth Day of BatWondy …


Who knew action figures could be so romantic? Arnold Ho posed BatWondy perfectly on his Flickr page. It’s intimate, yet somehow heroic. And don’t they look happy together? Well, as happy as Batman can be.

Author: E. Peterman

Mom. Geek. Journalist.

11 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of BatWondy …”

  1. I hadn’t had time to stop by and comment, so real quick: No.

    Also, no.

    Plus, no.

    By the way, no.

    On the other hand, at least it’s not Superman

    And yet, no.

    See also: A thousand times no.


  2. The image would have been ten million times better if Bruce was staring back at our princess instead of staring over his crime ridden city! :( But I still love the image because it has them both in it. :)


  3. Despite only seeing her in JLA/JSA cross-overs and the handful of Wonder Woman issues I purchased, Huntress was one of my favorite characters as a kid in the 80’s. If Huntress had been the headliner and Wonder Woman the backup I would have purchased every issue. So I’m afraid Catwoman is my favorite Batman pairing.

    That said, a Batman/Wonder Woman matchup certainly could be fun!


  4. Now I think that is the proper height comparison between the two, lol. By action figures no less, DC Direct must have measured them personally. ;)


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