In my perusing of the interwebs, I have discovered that much of the fanart for the BatWondy movement is from all over the world. Yes, Batman and Wonder Woman are icons. They are as recognizable as Coca-Cola. But, I find it of particular interest that people everywhere are intrigued by the union of the two.

This particular artist hails from Bolivia, and I think this pencil is playful and endearing. I really love how Bruce has Diana pinned against the wall, even though we all know she could toss him across Gotham City with her pinky-finger. He knows it, too. She doesn’t because she likes it. Every smart woman knows how to make her man feel good, and does so willingly.

13 thoughts on “On the Sixth Day of BatWondy …

  1. Kinda cute and charming… can’t agree with your ‘Every smart woman…’ comment, though… that’s not MY experience! :(


  2. Oh, for an ideal world… *sigh* – still, no moping, it’s Xmas, the season of giving… Vanessa, if I leave a couple of stockings out, would you fill them for me? I’ve been good, scout’s honour!


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