Le sigh.

Since it was Nicola Scott’s art from Wonder Woman: Blackest Night that got us all hopped up to begin with, it’s only appropriate to include this pop art homage to one of her loveliest panels from that series. Remember, back in WW:BN, we learned that Diana had a deep, if unspoken, romantic connection with Batman. Not unrequited, just unspoken — and mutual. I mean, look at this, people! There is so much genuine tenderness going on here, and Bruce even took off his damn cowl to gaze at Diana with just the slightest smile. Diana is a peerless warrior, but in this picture, she’s simply a woman who is (dare I say it?) in love. This quietly intimate moment gave me goosebumps.

Dammit, DC! You’re breaking my heart.

11 thoughts on “On the Seventh Day of BatWondy …

  1. This is stellar and I love Nicola Scott’s art work!
    This would make fabu wallpaper for one’s laptop, computer, smartphone or ipad!
    I loving all of the days of this…bliss!


  2. According to the official DC Encyclopedia BM–Bruce Wayne is 6’2″ and WW–Diana is 5’11” so Bruce is three inches taller than Diana. Her boots in the comics are usually flat so the picture is accurate in my opinion. Some artists love to draw Diana monsterously tall but it is inaccurate.

    Absolutely love this modern art take of this fantastic panel. Yes the affection between them is obvious and sweet. I would say her feelings are definitely returned.


    1. Good call Daisy. Plus Bats walks all hunched over, something about further disguising who he was and adding to the whole “strike fear into the hearts of criminals” thing he’s got going on. I’d read something in one of my son’s DC comics history of Batman books.


  3. What I love the most in this picture is that they were not kissing, but the gaze was as powerful as their kiss in BN:WW#2. Diana even looked just like a young woman in love; rather unsure of herself but were willing to give love a chance anyway.

    I hope DC will give them the chance they deserve…


  4. I hate and love it. Why oh why can’t DC get them together! :( The image is so powerful, both look so much in love yet with that little bit of hesitant in it. Nicola Scott sure can capture the love between the two.


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