Is that a Batarang in your pocket?

Sweet mother of Artemis, this is sexy. Check Diana’s sultry pose, the way she leans in and gets all Marilyn Monroe with it. This image, by Amorimxx via Deviant Art, gives us juuuust enough to wonder whether she’s going to kiss him or whisper some sweet nothings about what’s gonna jump off in the JLA satellite later on. And Bruce, you aren’t fooling anyone with that steely gaze and the cryptic body language. Give in! Give in!

12 thoughts on “On the Eighth Day of BatWondy …

  1. Oh, am the first commentor this time? Yay!

    Anyway, I think Bruce was just teasing Diana, as she teased him! They were teasing each other here and sweet Gaia, it IS HAWT! He should have his gauntleted hands crawling over the small of her back… ahem. Stop. Just stop there girl!


  2. This is a beautifully drawn piece, but it is also very sultry too. I knew that Aphrodite gifted her with her other stuff besides the ability to be loving and compassionate! : )
    The 8th day of BatWondy is a steamy day!


  3. If DC published a comic with this as the cover I think they would break all time sales records. I would by it just for the cover. Seriously how can people see this and not think it is hot and sexy as hell. It is just like Nicola Scott’s BatWondy kiss, which to me ranks as one of the hottest kisses everin the DCU.


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