On the Tenth Day of BatWondy …

Bats and Wondy cuteness.

Due to the copious amounts of hawtness in yesterday’s post, I decided to restore balance to the G3 Universe with some cuteness. Holla.

Author: Vanessa Gabriel

Friends. Waffles. WERK. Podcasts with stimulatedboredom.com. Origin story at girls-gone-geek.com.

9 thoughts on “On the Tenth Day of BatWondy …”

  1. This is so cute too! It is from the JLU episode when they were changed into kids and Bruce was falling and Diana caught him! Love it! : )


  2. I love the whole girls have cooties vibe of that episode. He likes her but he doesn’t want to like her. And GL likes to tease him about his “girlfriend.”. It was just too cute.


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