If only.

V. and I knew we weren’t the only BatWondy fans out there, but we were surprised and delighted by the outpouring of support for this super-union. It’s not just an American thing or a woman thing. Even non-geek friends lit up when they saw some of our featured images. What is it about Wonder Woman and Batman together that sets people’s hearts aflutter?

The idea of opposites attracting definitely comes into play. Wonder Woman sees the best in humanity. Batman assumes (and sees) the worst. Wonder Woman is a warrior with an open heart, while you need a crowbar and a stick of dynamite to pry Bruce’s open. Diana had an idyllic upbringing in paradise. Bruce witnessed his parents’ murder in Crime Alley. She’s warm and empathetic. He’s a cold, calculating genius.

Yet, there are common threads. Both possess an immense sense of duty, and they have chosen to use their gifts and great privilege to serve others. This shared intensity and commitment to doing the right thing has sometimes put them at odds. (See: Lord, Maxwell.)

For all-too obvious reasons, many comics fans see Diana and Clark as the ideal couple. Snore. Putting Batman and Wonder Woman together is riskier because they are so different, but potentially much more exciting. Occasionally, their differences would cause tension and conflict, while leading to some epic makeup sex. Neither would let their love affair interfere with fighting evil, but it would add an intriguing touch of complexity. Chances are they’d keep it a secret from their colleagues, and I can just imagine Superman trying to read between the lines at JLA meetings.

The writers of the Cartoon Network’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows certainly got it. The BatWondy flirtation was a recurring theme, and it was front and center in one of the best episodes, “This Little Piggy.” Circe turned Wonder Woman into a pig. With bracelets. In addition to helping Zatanna crack the case, Batman ended up singing “Am I Blue” on a nightclub stage — and admitting that there was a little somethin’ somethin’ between him and the Amazon.

"Bruce, I told you I deleted Nemesis' text."

Both Batman and Wonder Woman are overdue for real love. Thanks in part to his playboy persona and commitment issues, Bruce’s romantic past is a hot mess. The man has some serious baggage named Selina and Talia. You know one of these shady bitches would eventually step to Diana the wrong way — and we’d love to see them try it. Wonder Woman would maintain her trademark grace and dignity … to a point. But unless you’re packing magic, it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with someone who can serve you like Maria Sharapova. On an Aegis platter.

As for Diana’s relationships, unless you’re counting Steve Trevor from back in the day or Nemesis (I don’t) Diana hasn’t really had a Great Love story. It’s not that she needs a partner, male or female, to define her, but it’s an odd omission for a marquee character. If you’re going to pair her with a man, Bruce is the obvious choice. (If the love interest is a woman, it’s gotta be Artemis, but I doubt DC is gonna take it there anytime soon.)

So let’s review:


Hell no.

Heh. No.

Emphatically, yes.

On a completely shallow note, Batman is one of the sexiest guys in the DCU. Wonder Woman is so beautiful that even some of her fellow heroes have stammered in her presence. They’d be all tall, dark and gorgeous together, and it just feels right. We think Bruce and Diana could have one of the most compelling relationships in comics, one that’s every bit as heartfelt as Lois and Clark’s. And much steamier.

It’s so obvious, DC! Quit stalling and hook ‘em up in 2011. Do this right, and you’ll make a lot of fans very happy. Go, BatWondy, GO!

22 thoughts on “On the Twelfth Day of BatWondy … The Case for Bruce and Diana

  1. Couldn’t have ended that on a better note. What a fantastic idea that was. Whether you love the idea or hate it (I’m indifferent on the subject to tell you the truth), half the fun is seeing how much fun you two are having. The choice in artwork is amazing too. I can’t wait to see what you do next year. Happy Holidays Miss V and Mrs. E.


  2. Wow, thank you very much for all the wonderful pics and BMWW articles. You just made my Christmas complete! :D You do make a compelling, interesting, and very reasonable argument why Bruce and Diane deserve each other and be the ultimate, epic, ONE TRUE PAIR in the comic/animation universe. DC has been teasing us for soo long with all their subtle flirtations and (sometimes) sexual tension (i.e JLU’s Maid of Honor/ This Little Piggy, JLA’s Obsidian Age). It’s about time these two finally get together, darn it!! ^_^


  3. Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for this emphatic plea to the righteous cause that is Batman and Wonder Woman love!
    It really is an international thing because I have found that people from all over the world love the idea of this pairing. As for what DC is afraid of I know not?
    And yes there will be some naysayers in terms of those who think that Bruce belongs with Selina (yes that is a good relationship, love with a woman you cannot trust-AT ALL! This has been proven time and time again, just check out how Morrison is writing them together, they seem to love, but they don’t trust each other and love without trust is not love.).
    And don’t get me started on the ones who think that Diana and Clark belong together! Yes Diana should just be a) a home-wrecker, which is not what and who she is, or b) she should just pine away until Lois kicks off to the great press room in the sky! Talk about a waste of time! An Amazon neither pines nor waits for no man or woman! That is also not Diana’s nature. If her “fans” think that of her then they really do not understand her at all I think.
    One of my favourite “reasons” why some think that Diana and Clark just go together well is that they go together well… In other words they co-ordinate (matching outfits!). The only people who should co-ordinate are a) Figure skating pairs and b) Back up singers, anyone else just looks like a codependant nightmare!

    Well thanks for listening to my wee Christmas day rant! ;)

    Christmas is a time of joy, it is for me and what would give me even more joy would be if DC would just stop being a bunch of stalling jagweeds and get on the BatWondy love plane and fly us and their love first class!

    Thanks for all of these posts V& E! You two are fabu! :)


  4. I hope that someone at DC stumbles on your website and see what a wonderful pairing Bruce and Diana could and can be. The Prince of Gotham and the Princess of the Amazon’s, the perfect couple!


  5. Love the article. Keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully DC soon drops the tiresome Bat/Cat pairing and gives Bruce and Diana a chance as its quite obvious many want to see it happen.


  6. Thank you for this run of posts. If only DC hears you!! We haven’t yet had Diana declared missing on Bruce’s radar (have you been reading JL Gen Lost?!) and I am waiting to see how they fix the continutiy nightmare they have created.
    Where are the two panels on this page from?
    Thanks for your delightful posts – I hope you two have a very happy holiday season!


  7. I’d always pictured Clark and Diana together, but somehow you’ve convinced me that Bruce and Diana would make a more dynamic pairing, with much better storylines. Lois and Diana playing pool together and discussing Clark? Snooze fest. Selina and Diana fighting on the rooftops? Much better!


  8. What a greats posts i have been reading all and i thank you for writing the facts of why Bruce and Diana should be a couple,all the coments here make the post more bright with all the love for this couple, maybe we dont have this couple now but if you see the recents things that have happend in Blckest Nigth WW #3 and in more recent in Gotham city sirens #17 some people will see the chance for this couple finaly been in the reach of some people to make it happen, the only things in between is the remaining feelings of Bruce for Selina and the man who just screw Wonder Woman J.Michael Straczynski.

    But dont get me wrong i dont hate the man i love his run in Thor but what ha has just do making greats ideas for the comic but executing the ideas in the worst way just make some people angry with him at least Judd Winick have make the things more easy for the readers in justice league generation lost when the readers make questions about the lack of Wonder Woman in the universe of dc comics. I just hope that DC see the light and make Batman and Wonder Woman a couple for all the things they owe to the loyal readers.. Happy Holidays!!.


  9. “Bruce, I told you I deleted Nemesis’ text.”

    ROTFLOL!!! One of your best lines, in addition to ‘Is that a batarang in your pocket?’

    Thanks for the best 12 days of Christmas present for us all, V and E. You guys rock! And may TPTB in DC hears us all!

    (belated) Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


  10. Hi, I really liked this matter, I agree that Diana and Bruce are a couple very good, and what they said about Hepburn people around the world agree with that, I am Brazilian and I know many others who agree with this couple, DC would not lose anything but gain even more readers.
    congratulations on the job, I hope to see DC and adopt the opinion of the fans


  11. Heh … I’m showing my age, but I think I’ve “shipped” Batwondy since seeing them kiss in a Brave & Bold comic I bought back in 1975!

    “The final story in Brave & Bold 116 was “In The Coils of Copperhead!” by Bob Haney and Bob Brown from Brave & Bold 78 (1968). DC did humanity a favor by reprinting this tale because it needs to be read. … It’s the one where Batgirl steps out on the wing of her batplane and tells Batman she’s “on the smooch beam”. Batgirl and Wonder Woman pretend to be in love with Batman and then actually fall for him. It’s the best romance comic DC ever published.”

    The smooch can be seen in comment #6 here:


  12. I remember the issue of JLA that featured an entire issue on the possibliity of a Bruce/Dianna relationship. It was pretty cool. Of course, they decided to “just be friends.”

    I agree with all your points on the Bat-Wondy front. In fact, I would be happy to see anybody hook up with Bruce. His romantic past has become laughable. Every time he sleeps with a woman, I start counting the issues until she dies tragically. It’s really a rather blase plot line by this point.

    I agree that Wonder Woman is the best choice out the three, but I wouldn’t mind Catwoman hooking up with Bruce. It has been teased for years, and it would also open the door for some interesting plot lines.

    I also wouldn’t mind Batman hooking up with Zantana. There was an issue which played with the idea a few years ago, and I thought they had some real chemistry. Also, the idea of magic as a foil to Batman’s logic seems fun.


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