Don't get the answer wrong.

Miss Daramount, the headmistress of Morning Glory Academy, is the sexy librarian from hell. And from the moment she appears in Morning Glories #1, you can’t look away. Miss D. is the perfect 21st Century villain. Even as she sanctions (or carries out) the torture of her students, she insists that it’s for their own good, or that they somehow brought it upon themselves. Can’t answer a question? Prepare for a drowning. Too big for your britches? How about electroshock? Miss D. is despicable, but with those high heels and severe bun, she looks kinda fly in the process. She’s a deeply mysterious character, which makes her all the more scary … and fascinating.

6 thoughts on “2010 Memorable Moment: Daramount!

  1. At first when I looked at her I thought it was an old school WW as Diana Prince image, but she does look fierce as in she will brook no crap from anyone or anything!


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