Teenage Dream!

You really have to be a longtime Archie fan to appreciate how big of a deal this is, because as societal progress goes, interracial romance is so 1980. But Archie kissing Josie and the Pussycats’ Valerie — on the front of the book, no less — is a leap forward for the more leisurely paced Riverdale. There was more smooching and canoodling within, and even Betty and Veronica declared that the two seemed to be in love. Later in the year, Veronica flipped for the new boy in town, cutie pie Kevin Keller. Unfortunately for Ronnie, Kevin’s gay, and openly so. Kevin proved to be such a popular character that he’s returning this year in his own mini-series. Yay, progress!

4 thoughts on “2010 Memorable Moment: Riverdale Modernizes

  1. I grew up reading Betty and Veronica comics, and I loved them! This was and is big! I bought the issue with Valerie and Archie kissing. It was really nifty to see. :)


  2. Oh and as for Kevin Keller getting his own mini-series that is bonus! :)
    I did not see the issue with him in it but I had heard about it and that is good to see happening! :)


  3. Wow, it’s like the Kirk/Uhura kiss from 40 years ago, only now, no big deal. Progress indeed.

    And I’m sorry. Valerie was always the really attractive one in the Pussycats. Plus, they wore those cheetah-print outfits—Archie never had a chance.


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