Daddy issues much?

Secret Six is a book that was consistently good throughout the year. Gail never ceases to blow the line between morality and immorality completely to smithereens in ways that only work with the Six. While there have been many, many “Oh, Shit!” moments in Secret Six, issue #22 made my jaw hit the ground so hard it nearly broke.

In the final chapter of the “Cats in the Cradle” story arc, Thomas Blake takes his animal inclinations to the extreme. After hunting his son’s kidnappers by blazing a trail of blood and entrails, he finally confronts them. A meta by the name of Wallace is particularly arrogant and sinister upon Catman’s arrival, and the fight ensues. Wallace seems to be under the impression that he has the upper hand because he’s all electrical. Whilst lightning and shit-talking are plentiful, Blake takes one lunge at Wallace, and bites his fucking face off. One bite. Then he kills him with his claw-knuckle thingie and the best one-liner … ever. Gail officially sent Thomas Blake up the river to Homocidal Maniac Town, never to return.

J. Calafiore’s illustration is so epically perfect and gruesome that one cannot help but be utterly shocked.

I’d also like to give Calafiore some major props for his work on Secret Six as a whole this past year. He’s more or less melded with the Six, and I love, LOVE how he draws them. Calafiore has stepped his game up every month, and continues to improve. I’m so impressed by this book’s consistency, which is what Secret Six deserves.

3 thoughts on “2010 Memorable Moment: Cat Got Yo’ Face!

  1. In my opinion, Gail Simone is the best writer in comics TODAY! In turn, Secret Six might just be the best comic book series for the last two years. It’s without a doubt my favorite series and has been since it began. Simone knows how to dig deep into the heart and soul of her characters, making the stories dark and twisted, yet quite enjoyable. I enjoy everything she does. (If only she would come back to Wonder Woman.


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