I previously had no preference for Zatanna one way or another, but I am big into the magic characters. When she got her own book, I only hoped it would be good. The book has been stellar with Dini at the helm. Zatanna is a joy to read. Straight out of the gate, the book felt like classic story-telling at it’s finest. The first arc was truly satisfying, particularly in issue #3.

I cried.

After freeing her father, Zee proceeded to kick Brother Night’s ass … Magi style. Zatanna frees the souls of the thirteen children slaughtered by Brother Night, thus relinquishing him of his diabolical power. This is absolutely beautiful work by Stephane Roux and John Kalisz.

I cried, again.

3 thoughts on “2010 Memorable Moment: Daddy and Zee

  1. It was all very touching but to be honest I was rather distracted by the fact that Zatanna’s butt cheeks are so prominent she is practically wearing a thong, that is not comfortable.
    Would Dr. Fate’s butt be shown like that while wearing fetish boots? That what kind of bugs me about the way female comic book characters are drawn, even in their most powerful and sometimes tender moments they are sexualized and that takes away from the character and what they are trying to accomplish for me as a reader.


  2. Hepburn, I feel the same way. A female ninja leaping from rooftop to rooftop in high heels, Wondy fighting crime in a 1-piece bathing suit (and tiara), the penchant for capes to wear their underoos over their tights, and a 70 year old master of magnetism in red and purple underoos and tights looking like a 20 year old Aaahnold. I love my comics, but although the imagery can be a wonder to behold (for some reason Zatanna’s uniform malfunction didn’t bother me quite as much as it did you :P ), I sometimes find myself hoping the writers and artists will start shooting for at least a touch more realism in their depictions of our favorite characters.


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