I so intensely desired the relaunch of  Birds of Prey with Gail as the writer partly because I felt a need for the proper treatment of the character Sin. It is not news that I think Ollie and Dinah’s marriage is some Grade-A bullshit, and that stunt he pulled to hide Sin … yeah, that was the worst. I knew Gail would address that at some point. When Sin was mentioned in the first issue of Birds of Prey, it was clear that it would happen soon.

In Birds of Prey #6, not only did I get Sin, but I got Lady Shiva, too. GOOD GAWD, I love Shiva! The appearance of Shiva and Sin was, indeed, extremely satisfying. But, I was not prepared for just how moved I would be by Huntress.

Helena Bertinelli is the kind of girl you want as a best friend because she has got your back. Huntress decides to take Dinah’s place in a battle to the death against Lady Shiva, one of the deadliest people on the planet. THAT is one hell of a gesture. Not only did Helena hold Dinah down to the tenth power, but she stayed on her feet while taking that ass-kicking of a lifetime from Shiva.

Huntress has more moxie than any lady in the DCU. She is Iron Owl.

7 thoughts on “2010 Memorable Moment: Iron Owl

  1. I have to say that Shiva is one of my favourite “villains”. She has her own ethics and honour system which is rather nifty! :)


  2. the Iron Owl thing, are we witnessing a character re-design in process or is this just an honorary nickname (a la The Dark Knight) that is going to go away over time or eventually be forgotten by the next writer who comes along?


    1. It’s an honorary nickname from Shiva. It’s not a re-design. I simply think it was meant to give Huntress more depth. I doubt it’ll show up much in main continuity, but Gail will probably reference it in the future. And, if Shiva ever faces Huntress again … I suspect it will be used then, too.


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