If you have not read Fables, I judge you harshly. You should. But, I am kind enough to warn you that there are some serious Fables #100 *SPOILERS* here. Continue at your own risk.

For those of us who have experienced the wonder and greatness of Bill Willingham’s epic tale, we know and love Frau Totenkinder. She is also known as the Black Forest Witch of Hansel and Gretel fame, as well as nearly every other witch responsible for various curses in Fable history – Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Flycatcher, and somehow, I’m sure, many others. She might very well be the baddest bitch alive … like ever. Especially considering she’s been around since the dawn of man, I’m talking Paleolithic era, people.

In 1001 Nights of Snowfall, Totenkinder’s origin story is revealed. At the beginning of her existence, she was part of the Fog Mountain tribe. At a young age, she became the tribes Shaman. She also fell in love with the Chief’s son, Aurac, and became pregnant with his child. But, before they could be wed, they were attacked by another tribe. To make peace, Aurac wed a woman from the other tribe. Also, to save his own ass, Aurac accused Frau of consorting with demons. If it was known that he was the father of her child, he would have been cast out of the tribe. Instead, she was left alone and pregnant. On the night that she gave birth, she sacrificed her son to gain power. With this power she had her revenge on Aurac, and the entire tribe. For thousands of years, she continued to sacrifice children for power, and wreak havoc on princes of many generations as if they, too, were Aurac. She helped only those who were kind to her.

In Fables #100, Frau Totenkinder, now “Bellflower” as she’d taken on her youthful form, had a duel with Mr. Dark. In her preparations to battle Mr. Dark, she had sought the knowledge of a warlock from the Homelands who’d battled him once before. In doing so, she fell in love with the warlock. She fell in love for the first time in thousands of years. She did her best to defeat Mr. Dark, to defend Fabletown and the Farm, but only served to stave him off while the Fables fled to Haven. When asked by Ozma where she will go, she told her that they will not see her again because she has finally found her romance.

I will miss Frau Totenkinder terribly in the pages of Fables. But this resolution to her story could not have been more perfect and poetic. All the power in the world wasn’t worth a damn; she just wanted to be in love. She finally found her “prince.”

One thought on “2010 Memorable Moment: Frau Finds Love

  1. Have to say that I love Fables and that is because you guys introduced me to the series!
    It is stellar and thanks ever so for the recommendation! You have helped to expand my comic book world and this a wonderful thing! :)


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