Over the past year, we’ve asked for your opinion on everything from Wonder Woman’s drawers to whether you gave a rat’s ass about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The results were always entertaining, and frequently surprising. Without further ado, here are the results from polls past:

1. Which version of Diana’s knickers do you prefer?
Given a choice of Nicola Scott’s taut medium, Jim Lee’s warrior skirt, Ed Benes’ quasi G-string and Aaron Lopresti’s granny britches, the clear winner was …

Nicola Scott’s version, with 44% of the vote! Jim Lee’s skirt came up a short second, at 34%. A cheeky 15% preferred the thong.

2. Does the Green Lantern Footage Thrill You?

Um, sorta? After seeing the first available clip from the Green Lantern flick, 60% said parts of it looked cool, but the jury was still out. Another 29% said they were all about it on opening weekend, while 11% said they’d rather watch green paint dry.

3. Who Would Win: Batman vs. Catman
Yay, shirtless heroes! This was one of our spicier polls, and emerging victorious was …

Batman, by 64%. Sorry Catman. You’re still hot to death, though.

4. Which Character should V. Cosplay?
As we contemplated cosplay for our next con, V. was torn between Black Canary and alterna-girl Aphrodite IV. By a landslide, you chose …

Black Canary, with 71% of the vote. No word yet on whether V. will rock more than one look, but we’ll keep you posted.

5. Under Straczynkski’s pen, how do you see the future of Wonder Woman?

Though we were cautiously hopeful, we wound up giving JMS the serious side-eye for that preposterous WW reboot. But before Diana donned Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” attire, most of you were unsure (56%), while the rest were evenly split (22% each) on whether the book’s future looked bleak or bright.

6. Huntress or Hit-Girl: Who Would Win?
Maybe it wasn’t fair to pit a 12-year-old against a Bird of Prey, but Hit-Girl is a tough gal. The winner was …

Huntress aka Iron Owl, with 57%. However, Hit-Girl had a respectable 43% — not bad for a kid.

Speaking of kids …

7. Sin vs. Damian: Who Would Win?

If you guys had your druthers, Sin, who took nearly 56% of the vote would kick Damian’s ass across the playground and back. My very favorite comment came from Nona Mills: “I hate the arrogant little sod and reckon Sin will have him for lunch.”  Watch your back, Damian!

8. To Care or Not To Care: Teen Titans
Just before their debut of the new creative team, J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott, we asked whether the announcement was enough to get you reading this beleaguered book again. The results?

Most of you, 44%, were not feeling it, saying the book was broken and in need of a wholesale reboot. Another 32% said you were wary, but willing to give it a try. 24% had already added it to their pull lists. (Listen to the 24%, because Krul and Scott’s first two issues have been mighty good!)

Thanks for voting, and more poll goodness is on the way in 2011.

2 thoughts on “Poll Retrospective: Here’s How You Voted

  1. I came aboard your fabu blog a tad late to take part in these polls but if I had for the first I would have chosen Nicola Scott’s Wondy bloomers as she made her look strong,femminine, intelligent, and powerful without sexualizing her. The skirt would have been second and the thong in the bin.

    For the second I do like Ryan Reynolds but I am still not sure about this GL film, and also I am a tad annoyed that Wonder Woman who is suppose to be part of the Trinity has not had a big screen turn, which is just janky! I mean I hear that Lobo…LOBO is getting a shot at the big screen and really just who the dillio is he to the person on the street? Most people whether they read comics or not know who WW is and if I asked someone who is Lobo they would probably draw a blank.

    For number three without question Batman! :)

    The Fourth Black Canary, but maybe V. could do someone who is not done to death? Like Artemis of the Bana-Migdahll? She just needs a red pony tail wig! :)

    For poll five I am for or was for, now that he is has run away from the post, to give JMS a chance with Diana, now someone new is writing her…AGAIN. So far it is okay and I will give this person a chance with her too, but he better not jack her up!

    For the sixth as much as I like the Huntress I LOVE Hit-Girl, so I would have chosen her! :)

    For number seven I chose Sin to win because I think that deep down Damien would have a crush on her and would be a tad flustered. And his feelings for her would just annoy him and that would make me laugh! ;)

    And finally number eight, I would have to say that I do not give a cuss. I think that I will put my feelings for young supers into the new Young Justice cartoon, because it looks rather good and there is no Wonderdouche girl Cassie in it! Cannot abide Cassie! :P


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