We knew Jimmy Olsen was handy with a camera, but who knew the Daily Planet photojournalist had such a tight drag game? Superman’s loyal friend has quite the history of cross-dressing, and I gotta say, he’s pretty damn good at it. Take this panel from Jimmy Olsen #95, in which he goes undercover in hopes of busting some jewel thieves/racketeers. He’s so convincing that other men sexually harass him!

Put a ring on it!

Of course, this wasn’t Jimmy’s first time in pumps. In JO #67, he quits the Planet, only to find that all the available jobs are for women. (What alternate universe is this taking place in?) What to do? Reapply as “Leslie Lowe,” and act like an silly, incompetent female! Extra points for styling: Note the tiny, nipped-in waist, clutch handbag and pearl accessories:

In need of a clever disguise in issue #149, our young hero runs into the nearest secondhand shop and gets his RuPaul on: Nylons, wig, purse and a saucy, hot pink miniskirt. By now, Jimmy has his sidewalk strut down perfectly — and aside from the man hands, he’s a stone fox. But, um, were his legs already shaved for the occasion? Does he always carry a makeup compact, just in case? And how did he fashion such a perky bustline on short notice?

Jimmy’s powers of transformation are so extraordinary that he’s practically a metahuman. Surely this would come in handy the next time Lex Luthor starts tripping. In the meantime, Lois might want to watch her back — and her man.

6 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday: You Better Work, Jimmy!

  1. Jimmy should have won that pulitzer not Lois.
    This is working for a story, or is this just a day off for Jimmy? ;)

    You can see a whole bunch of these at the Superdickery.com site!


  2. Clearly, Jimmy is working out some issues that he can’t express through his photography. Researching WTF? Wednesday has become one of the great joys of my life. There is some craziness in those comics archives!


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