They’re both skilled combatants, exceptionally agile and quick, and they look stunning in black — as Spider-Man and Batman would confirm. But when it comes down to an all-out catfight (sorry; couldn’t resist) between Marvel’s Black Cat and DC’s Catwoman, who would prevail: Felicia Hardy or Selina Kyle?




14 thoughts on “Claws Out! Who Would Win?

  1. I mean Selina’s has fought and defeated a room with The Riddler, Scarecrow, And somebody with Mr.Freeze’s gun. And she beat Poison Ivy. And The 3rd Cheetah. Selina would win easy.


  2. It’s a draw. Y’know why? They are both Anne Hathaway!

    From Wikipedia about Black Cat:
    Felicia Hardy was originally supposed to appear in Sam Raimi’s canceled Spider-Man 4 and be played by Anne Hathaway

    And just it was just announced that Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman in the next Batman film.

    See… Anne Hathaway can’t beat her self!

    The Irredeemable Shag


  3. Didn’t Black Cat have probability manipulation at some point? Where she caused back luck on her foes.

    @Micheal: Beating up riddler or Scarecrow is not hard…they can’t fight for crap. Same with Ivy…her Phermones are the only real worry. Beating Batman’s rogue gallery is usually more about stopping their plans, not actually punching them. I think a regular cop could beat most of them once you don’t have to worry about whatever bomb or trap they have cooked up. Cheetah would be tough…and I question whether Selena could REALLY beat her, considering that Cheetah is a WW villain.


  4. Selina beating the Cheetah is plot induced nonsense, ignore it.

    Otherwise it’s about equal – which is as it should be, as Black Cat is a fairly obvious copy. The only difference is Felicia’s mild super power (some luck mcguffin), which might tilt it.


  5. I’d have to go with Black Cat. Catwoman is probably a better hand-to-hand fighter, but Black Cat has devices that enhance her balance and strength above normal human limits. Plus, while Catwoman has honed her skills fighting Batman, one of her world’s greatest martial artists, Black Cat has honed hers fighting Spider-Man, an opponent who has superhuman speed and agility and knows where you’re going to strike before you do. Fighting someone who can’t predict your every move would seem like fighting an opponent moving in slow motion.

    The only thing that would push my opinion back in favor of Catwoman is that she does seem to have a harder edge to her personality, and wanting the win more than your opponent can overcome serious differences in ability.


  6. This is juicy! Black Cat did have the probability manipulation thing going on, but if memory serves, Marvel monkeyed with that power. In the Ultimate universe, she still has some of that ability. But I gotta give Catwoman the edge for the reasons Richard and others have mentioned. She plays to win, and she even took on Shiva, though she got her ass kicked.


  7. After reading up on her current state via Wikipedia, I am more convinced of Black Cat’s edge. Not only does she have her bad luck powers, but apparent has even better control over them then before. She also has superhuman strength/agility and can see in other light spectrums.

    Selina might be more hardcore and clever (from dealing with Batman), but Felicia has the physical edge, not to mention having the power to have Selina’s whip get tangled at the worst possible moment.

    Yeah, Selina faught Shiva and lost…Felicia fought Sabertooth apparently…one loss and one win. If she can stand up to Sabertooth, Cat-woman would just be a whiddle ole puddy-tat


  8. Well actually the Version of Poison Ivy I’m talking about is the one from The Long Halloween, with pheromones and plant manipulation. Plus when she fought the Cheetah she was loosing, until she used cunning tactics to defeat her. And she fought them at the same time!!!! Plus Felicia’s powers obviously aren’t that potent or she’d defeat all of her enemies!!


  9. i have to say it would be a tie.
    I do love the drawings that Adam Hughes did of Selina and Felicia slagging each other off via graffiti!
    It is funny. :)

    Selina could NEVER handle the Cheetah, she is a meta-human, and one of Wonder Woman’s foes. The Cheetah would shred Selina.


  10. I voted tie too Hepburn, as in the end it’s up to the writers. Look at Batman and the Superman. I don’t care how much money you have to throw at him, the guy’s got super strength, super speed, bulletproof, with his one major weakness, Kryptonite supposedly being rare, he should wipe the floor with anyone of human (even peak human)abilities and skills all day long. Look at their track record though and I believe Batman has more wins overall.


  11. But Hep, if my memory serves me right, in one of Catwoman’s books (by Will Pfeifer I think, before Salvation Run), Selina was shown to defeat Cheetah. I remember many WW fans were outraged by that depiction, for no way Cheetah could be defeated by Catwoman (tho I love that pussy cat!).


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